Cool UnCruise Travel Tips for Adventure Cruising

These cool UnCruise travel tips will help you decide to sailing with UnCruise aligns with your personality. After all, UnCruise (or any cruise for that matter) is for everyone BUT there is a cruise out there for you.

So if these UnCruise travel tips do not seem to make you a happy traveler, another cruise line is likely a better fit. (Read other McCool Travel cruise articles.)

What do you expect from a company calling themselves UN-CRUISE. The UnCruise experience is unlike any other cruise. Specializing in small ship cruises to adventurous destinations, UnCruise Adventures celebrates their UN-ness by visiting unique destinations, utilizing unbelievable crew members, and undertaking a company-wide mantra of responsible travel.

UnCruise Adventures SS Legacy
UnCruise Adventures SS Legacy

We sailed with UnCruise in fall 2018 on the SS Legacy for their Rivers of Adventure itinerary along the Snake and Columbia Rivers through Oregon, Washington, and a sliver of Idaho.

Note: We—Julie at and I—were hosted by UnCruise Adventures.

Cool UnCruise Travel Tips

Relaxed Luxury

UnCruise is not a budget cruise option but their customers absolutely love the product. Typical high-end priced cruises have a stuffy, elite atmosphere but no such aura exists among UnCruise passengers and crew. To demonstrate this relaxed luxury, only a couple of cabins have their own “patios” and they were on the central hallway. Quirky and so un-traditional cruise like.

premium cabin on UnCruise SS Legacy
premium cabin on UnCruise SS Legacy

Top Notch Cuisine on UnCruise

Fresh seafood, locally sourced produce and ingredients are used at every possible opportunity. Do not be afraid to make special requests at any meal. This halibut was one of my favorite dishes.

halibut dinner on UnCruise SS Legacy
halibut dinner on UnCruise SS Legacy

No Keys on UnCruise

Whoa, this one shocked me. Every cabin door of the SS Legacy remain unlocked for the entire cruise. Not sure if this is a UnCruise policy for all of their cruises in all destinations but there were no keys issued to passengers on our sailing. We were assured at the opening meeting that nothing has ever been stolen and the few instances reported were actually misplaced items by the owner. Safe and sound!

Free Drinks on UnCruise

Not only were the bar staff members extremely friendly on SS Legacy but they were beyond attentive and knowledgeable. After I ordered a spicy margarita one night, the next night the bartender said she went into town and found new bitters to try. Her experimental concoction was successful and delightful. Oh, any drink you want is FREE. All included in the overall rate.

free drinks on UnCruise SS Legacy
free drinks on UnCruise SS Legacy

Free Massage on UnCruise

Not only are drinks free on UnCruise but passengers are entitled to a free massage during the sailing. Yes, I claimed the very first spot. Hey, I am no sucker! You can try to predict when you will be sorest (the day after a long hike or bike ride?) or when there is no conflicting activity. Whatever your schedule style, you get that one free complimentary massage so use it or lose it.

I asked my media friends and cruise experts—like over 100 cruises between them—for their input of why UnCruise Adventures is different. Thank you, John and Colleen for the following suggestions.

Self-Sufficient Passengers

Passengers will take off and put on the hot tub cover, clear glasses, get their own tea and drinks—all by themselves. Sure, crew will help when needed but UnCruise passengers are, well, empowered to do things themselves. Passengers move magnets on a board when leaving ship and returning, which is, yes I will say it, so uncruise like.

Casual Crew Participation

Crew members frequently join adventure activities and not in official capacities. Your yoga instructor may also be your tour guide or might be walking right beside you as a tour member. Crew members do have multiple roles; your breakfast server might be your cabin attendant when you head out for the morning adventure.

fun UnCruise crew members from SS Legacy
fun UnCruise crew members from SS Legacy

Plus the captain’s name is Captain Passenger. No lie.

UnCruise Captain Passenger of SS Legacy
UnCruise Captain Passenger of SS Legacy

Custom Activities

Tours, activities, and excursions are not set in stone. For instance, Megan, the cruise director for SS Legacy, created a 5 mile hike for our group, basically combining their existing difficult and meandering hikes that morning. We had to hustle to get it done but we did! And then massage appointments were available for the smart passengers!

Casual Tours on UnCruise

At that opening meeting, the captain and the head mechanic both said to visit their offices (the bridge and the engine room) at any time. Well, within reason, like not when they were really busy. Anyway, many passengers took them up on their offers and visited at various times during the cruise. Not only during one specified hour, like on other cruise lines.

UnCruise is the “Thinking Person’s Cruise”

One passenger, a veteran of dozens of cruises with UnCruise and other cruise lines, knowing I was looking for input for this article, suggested the phrase, “Thinking Man’s Cruise.” I adjusted it to “Thinking Person’s Cruise.”

For more information about UnCruise Adventures, visit:

Have you sailed with UnCruise Adventures? Do you want to?

UnCruise celebrates their UN-ness by visiting unique destinations, utilizing unbelievable crew members, and undertaking a mantra of responsible travel.

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