Fly More, Pay Less

Doing some recent trip planning research I found this lovely airfare quirk.

A client wanted to fly into Paris and return from London. Virgin Atlantic is one of the contenders.

One option is to add an easy London to Paris connecting flight to the upper class transatlantic flights ($4,927 each).

McCool Travel: Airfare Example
McCool Travel: Airfare Example

I was surprised when I did a multi-city search instead of a standard roundtrip (using ITA).

McCool Travel: Airfare Example
McCool Travel: Airfare Example

By adding the London to Paris flight, the fare drops $413 to $4,514. Savings is even greater when compared to adding additional cost of the separate London to Paris flight.

Does that make sense? No, it does not.

Fly more, pay less is no airline’s motto.**

Do you want to fly more and pay less? Hire me …

** By the way, if a passenger intentionally bought option 2 and did not take the second flight (London to Paris), then it is a hidden city itinerary (considered against airline’s rules). Otherwise, it is known as a point beyond scenario; that is, there a point beyond your intended destination that has a cheaper airfare.


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  1. Oh, I wish I had had your services when I was booking my outrageously expensive flights to Europe this spring!


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