Keep Frequent Flyer Points Active

You worked hard to earn frequent flyer points. Make sure your points do not disappear due to account inactivity.

Friends don’t let friends lose their frequent flyer points.

I recently checked several accounts and discovered one account had about 15,000 points which would soon expire. I did not plan on flying on that airline. Not wanting to lose the points I looked at other options to keep the points active.

Some airlines require account activity, such as every year or 18 months, to retain points. Others may never expire points. Here is a chart outlining frequent flyer expiration policies for various airlines. These requirements may change, so it is best to check your accounts.

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strategies to keep frequent flyer accounts active plus enjoy luxury travel

Keep Frequent Flyer Points Active

Keeping a frequent flyer account active is easy if you fly often with an airline. If not, and you have points you do not want to lose, there are other strategies.

In the past I have made a small purchase—like an iTunes song for $1—to keep an account active. Larger purchases, like flowers or clothes, of course also work. Signing up for promotion emails might keep an account active.

Most frequent flyer programs allow members to earn points through credit card purchases, hotel stays, car rentals, restaurant visits, and more. Even if you do not fly  for a long time, you can earn points and keep accounts active to not lose points. See our article: Earn Points Without Flying

To keep the above mentioned frequent flyer account active and not lose those hard-earned frequent flyer points, I “bought” a magazine subscription. It was a magazine I enjoy anyway, I started a two-year subscription for FREE, and kept some frequent flyer account from expiring. Triple play!

You may be able to keep an account active and earn a lot of points from using retail gift cards and Mastercard/Visa gift cards.

What is your favorite strategy for keeping frequent flyer points active?

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