Find the Lowest Disney Prices Using These 2 Resources

When looking for the lowest Disney prices, look for a supplier that specializes in selling Disney products! It is simple; you will pay less for a vacation (cruise, safari, tour package) when you buy through the right travel agency (preferred seller).

In a prior travel tips article, I mentioned that All Seasons Travel consistently offers the lowest prices on Disney Cruise Line (lower than Disney or any other travel agent). I have booked two Disney cruises and one Disney vacation for my family through them. For Disney vacations, look for an “Authorized Disney Vacation Planner” designation. If you want to use a different cruise company, find the preferred seller and you will get the best rate.

find lowest Disney prices
find lowest Disney prices

Disney is on my mind because I received an e-mail newsletter from today. It is a great, perhaps the best, source of discount Disney information. is an example of doing one thing very well. Their specialty is Disney discounts and deals. If you are using a different travel brand, hopefully you can find a similar resource for it.

You can buy discount tickets from AAA, Costco, eBay, Craigslist, at the nearby tourist stands, and other sources. Most people agree, do not stand in line at the park to buy your tickets.

What is your favorite source for Disney discounts?

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