8 Great Things to See in Newcastle, England

Things to see in Newcastle England include historic castles and castle walls and Medieval decor, artistic design and modern architecture like the Millennium Bridge, and the favorite pub for a king from the 16th century.

Seems pretty evident but the name Newcastle is very literal. Newcastle means a new castle.

Newcastle England has long been a strategic location for fortresses, dating back to the Romans in the 1st to 3rd century AD. In the 11th century, the Norman conquerors built a wooden castle on the site of the Roman ruins, the “new castle” providing the best possible protection at that time.

After being at the forefront of industrial progress during the 19th and 20th centuries, Newcastle has become a great place for art, design, shopping, and much more.

Here is a sneak peek at places to visit in Newcastle England that I found during my visit to Northern England.

8 Great Things to See in Newcastle, England

1. Castle Keep

The Castle Keep served as the most secure location of Newcastle’s castle. This view would have been what visitors to the castle would have seen in the 13th century and onward. Quite a medieval place to visit in Newcastle.

8 Great Things to See in Newcastle, England
Newcastle Castle Keep

2. Fireplaces

In the Castle Keep, there are two notable fireplaces. One fireplace was built in 1599 and was relocated to the Castle Keep from a nearby pub.

8 Great Things to See in Newcastle, England
Newcastle Castle Keep fireplace from 1599

The other fireplace is believed to be the oldest medieval castle fireplace in England.

8 Great Things to See in Newcastle, England
Closeup of “15” on Castle Keep Fireplace in Newcastle

Note the numbers in the top corners of the fireplace. “15” on the left side and “99” on the right.

8 Great Things to See in Newcastle, England
13th century Medieval Castle Fireplace

3. Castle Wall

While much of the Newcastle castle wall has been destroyed, built over, or just buried, some intact portions still remain. On the other side of Newcastle, near the Chinatown gate, is this portion of the original stone castle wall, likely built in the mid 13th century.

8 Great Things to See in Newcastle, England
Medieval Castle Wall ruins in Newcastle

Did you know that Newcastle was the eastern terminus of Hadrian’s Wall?

4. The Old George

While 1582 does not seem old compared to the nearby castle that is 300 years older, I remind myself that 1582 was before the English went to America to establish the New World (1607 to Jamestown). The Old George Inn in Newcastle was said to be the favorite drinking spot for the ruler at that time, King Charles I.

8 Great Things to See in Newcastle, England
The Old George in Newcastle England

5. Marks & Spencer

In Grainger Market is this piece of quaintness, the smallest Marks & Spencer location. There is no food service, as in the large department store locations. Although the merchandize and personnel have changed, this site retains the look as it existed in 1895.

8 Great Things to See in Newcastle, England
Marks & Spencer, Grainger Market  in Newcastle England

There is much, much more to see and do in Grainger Market.

6. Newcastle Urban Art

I was pleased to see wonderful street art and modern design elements throughout Newcastle. This example is part of a 9 piece installation found throughout the main downtown walking area. The art project is titled, “nine things to do on a bench.”

8 Great Things to See in Newcastle, England
Urban bench art: Newcastle England public art

7. Millennium Bridge

Speaking of design, the super cool Gateshead Millennium Bridge connects Newcastle on the north side of the Tyne River with Gateshead on the south side. The bridge was described to me as looking like a bicycled wheel and its spokes. Many locals refer to it as a winking eye.

8 Great Things to See in Newcastle, England
Gateshead Millennium Bridge in Newcastle England

8. Sage Gateshead

Walking along the Newcastle waterfront, the quayside, you cannot help but wonder about the futuristic looking building on the Gateshead side of the Tyne River. Sage Gateshead is a state-of-the-art performing arts venue. So, not only can you look in wonderment at an astounding architectural project but you might be looking to attend a show for a visiting music celebrity or a local act.

8 Great Things to See in Newcastle, England
Gateshead Sage Music Venue Newcastle England

What are your favorite things to see in Newcastle?

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  1. Thank you for introducing me to Newcastle. It has not been a place I considered visiting…until now! Love your photos

  2. I love visiting places with both historic and modern points of interest. I haven’t been to Newcastle yet but would love to see the Millennium Bridge, and have a pint or two at The Old George Inn 🙂

  3. As a Brit, I never consider Newcastle as a destination – that’s why I love reading about people who’ve travelled to places in my country and found them interesting. Thank you for introducing me to a city that I would have otherwise overlooked. I might just have to make a trip now.

  4. I went to Newcastle for the first time last summer! I loved strolling the streets and Millenium Bridge!

  5. I was expecting coal would be in there somewhere. But I love castles and shopping at Marks & Spencer, so I do hope I make it to Newcastle some day.

  6. I had no idea where Newcastle was but your post made me curious. Love the Marks & Spencer Penny Bazaar….guess there’s nothing on sale for a penny!

  7. You’ve convinced me that Newcastle is a must visit! Interesting contrasts there and a Marks & Spencer that calls out for a stop.

  8. I’ve visited England several time but have never made it to Newcastle. It looks like there is a lot to see – old and new. I love the small old Marks & Spencer.

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