McCool Travel Tip: Another Vacation Rental Advantage

Vacation rentals are one of my favorite travel value. Compared to hotels, vacation rentals (houses, condos, apartments) offer more space and amenities at a lower cost.

Here is the view from the private walkway to the beach from our beach vacation rental last summer.

another vacation rental advantage is spectacular private oceanfront locations
another vacation rental advantage is spectacular private oceanfront locations

During a Twitter chat yesterday, I thought of another advantage of vacation rentals.

By staying in vacation rentals, my family packs lighter and brings less stuff.

When staying at a vacation rental for a week, we do laundry after 3 or 4 days. It is the rare vacation rental that does NOT have a washer and dryer.

We did laundry at our vacation rental in Rome (after only two days). We always do laundry at our beach vacation rentals.

Yes, I know, you do not want to spend precious vacation time doing laundry. The alternative is to overpack, check bags, deal with the potential hassle of misdirected or lost baggage, spend extra time checking in baggage and waiting for baggage, exert extra effort lugging the extra weight, and pay extra to check bags on flights or to taxi drivers.

I think our family is fairly typical of most traveling families. We do not spend every waking vacation moment outside of our temporary lodging. While the kids are playing games or watching a show, it is convenient for the parents to do a load or two or laundry.

Also, I know hotels have laundry facilities. I have used them. Really, do you prefer to do laundry at a hotel over your own apartment? First, you need to obtain enough coins for the machines. Then you need to buy small, overpriced packages of cleaning and drying supplies. Worst, you need to time the cycles and worry about other guests.

None of that hassle exists when washer and dryer units are inside your vacation space.

During that Twitter travel chat, I said that we have not checked bags in over 10 years. Gasps from the crowd. Surely not on international trips, someone said. Indeed, we traveled to Ireland for 8 days and Italy for 10 days—with only carryon luggage.

Now you know how we manage to do so. And, Yes, you can, too!

What’s your style? Carryon or checked bags? Vacation rentals or hotels?

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