8 Great Standard Hotel Room Alternatives

There are many hotel room alternatives and I have separated a few dozen into the below eight categories. Most of these lodging options are cheaper than hotel rooms so you are not sacrificing luxury and quality.

Here are 8 great places to stay instead of a standard hotel room:

8 Great Standard Hotel Room Alternatives

1. suite room. Major hotel chains have suite only properties, so you can still get your frequent stayer points. Suites often have full kitchens and are great choices for families.

2. motel. Independent lodging properties have character, unlike large hotels. Consider the Wigwam Motel along Route 66. Fun, fun, fun!

3. bed & breakfast. Bed and breakfasts, also called B&Bs or inns, are usually operated by the owners. There are websites listing b&bs all over the world and by area, such as Washington state, Washington DC, and United Kingdom.

4. vacation rental. If someone owns property, they can rent it to travelers on Airbnb or VRBO or other websites. Vacation rental lodging includes condos, villas, houseboats, farmhouses, cottages, and apartments.

hotel room alternatives: private pool and yard at Airbnb in Florida
hotel room alternatives: private pool and yard at Airbnb in Florida

5. monastery. You can stay in a monastery near DC, on Majorca, or in Hong Kong harbor. This is a great choice for solo women travelers but by no means limited to them.

6. lodge or campground. Many U.S. National Park lodges are luxurious properties. You do not even have to pitch a tent at a campground with cabins.

7. hostel, backpacker, or guest house. Hostels are not just for youth either. Hostels quality can vary so do your research. In Australia and New Zealand, hostels are often called backpackers or backpacker hostels. In Hong Kong, guest houses are similar to hostels.

8. treehouse, boat, or farm. A treehouse stay would be fun. A farm stay would be interesting. How about a docked boat with views of San Francisco?

There are so many unique places to stay, you do not have to settle for a standard hotel room.

A bonus Great 8: ranches, vineyards, paradors, pousadas, yurts, lighthouses, university dorms, and ice hotels.

Do you know of any other hotel room alternatives? Being flexible about where you stay can save you money but also be much more fun.

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