Favorite Places to Eat in Zurich Switzerland

When it comes to food, Zurich Switzerland has a huge array of options. The only challenge as a visitor to this city is—figuring out the best places to eat in Zurich.

As a longtime resident, I thought it would be worth sharing some of my tips and gems so that you can sample some of the tastiest food and local favorite Zurich restaurants.

Local Favorite Places to Eat in Zurich Switzerland

Guest article by Anna Timbrook

From fast eats and Asian, to brunch and more expensive meals, here are some great restaurants in Zurich.

As someone visiting Zurich, you might want to spend more time exploring—and less time eating. That is when some of these “fast eats” places come in handy.

1. Where to Find Good Burgers in Zurich Switzerland

I must have tried almost every burger joint in Zurich, especially because they were as rare as flying pigs a few years back. So, let me share my favorites with you.

— B.Good

B.Good offers more sustainable and locally sourced produce, and their burgers are a little more creative than many of the generic ones out there. They also offer sweet potato fries as well as the standard. My only beef with this place is that they have yet to figure out how to make crispy fries. But B.good burgers are to die for. And, they have big salads for those who want a healthier option. There are three locations in Zurich—one at the end of Niederdorfstrasse, one on Langstrasse, and one further afield in Oerlikon.

B.Good for burgers—a great place to eat in Zurich Switzerland
try the burgers at B.Good in Zurich Switzerland

— Horber

My current favorite is a bit more of a “hole in the wall” style place called Horber Burgers & Wurste. It is also on Langstrasse, with super friendly staff, affordable burgers, and a couple of outside tables, which are a better option in summer. Do not expect anything fancy here, but it is reasonably fast, tasty, and a nice spot to people watch.

2. Asian Restaurants in Zurich

— Lily’s

Another great option for fast(ish) food that is also not super-expensive is Asian. One of the most popular, and iconic in Zurich is Lily’s. They offer a huge range of Asian cuisine, from Thai and Indian, to South-east asian rice style dishes. Their main location is on Langstrasse, but they have recently opened a new, and bigger location, called Lily’s Factory on Badenerstrasse.

Lilys is a great place for Asian food in Zurich Switzerland
try the Asian food at Lily’s in Zurich Switzerland

— Tenz

Just down the road from the new Lily’s is another recent addition to the Zurich culinary scene, Tenz Momo. They rose to fame by offering Tibetan Momos at all the markets and street food festivals in town, and now have a few small restaurants around Zurich. If you have not tried Momos yet, this is your chance. Just be sure to book ahead, as they are very popular.

— Yooji’s

The last option I want to mention is also quite new in Zurich, Yoojis. It’s a worthwhile place to grab sushi-to-go or a quick bowel of Japanese noodle soup. It is also super-affordable, which is not something we say often in Zurich, and there are quite a few locations including right on the Bahnhofstrasse, and under the main station.

3. Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurants in Zurich

— Hiltl

Europe in general was quite slow to the vegetarian and vegan scene, but Zurich actually has one of the oldest vegetarian restaurants in the world, Hiltl. It has been around for decades, and has now expanded to multiple locations around Zurich. It is always super-popular, and busy, so again, booking is recommended. They offer more of a buffet style of food, but the options for vegans are also quite extensive.

Hiltl for vegetarian fare is a great place to eat in Zurich Switzerland
Hiltl is a great vegetarian restaurant in Zurich Switzerland

— Beetnut

Beetnut in the newly developed Europa Allee area of the main station, is also a vegan and raw food friendly vegetarian worth checking out. It is rarely as busy as many of the other spots in Zurich, maybe because it is a little hidden, but don’t let that deter you.

— Roots

The last option, which is more of a takeaway/cafe style spot is Roots. They are right behind the main Bahnhofstrasse shopping area, so a great spot for lunch and dinner while you are on the go.

4. Places to Eat Brunch in Zurich

There are far more places to eat brunch in Zurich than I have time to mention in this post. But I want to mention a few here.

— Cafe Lang

Another recent favorite of mine is Cafe Lang. It is a place I had not paid much attention to until recently, but it’s a gem. They offer a selection of brunch combos, with a main on a board, with 3 small sides as well. Their coffee is also well worth the wait.

Cafe Lang is a great place for brunch in Zurich Switzerland
Cafe Lang is a great place for brunch in Zurich Switzerland

— Imagine

Imagine are a long time favorite for brunch in Zurich because they offer a huge array of options for a reasonable price. At least “reasonable” for Zurich. It is also located right inside the main station, with a small terrace you can sit outside on if it’s warm.

— Maison Blunt

Right next door to Tea Room Blunt (more on that below) is Maison Blunt which has a wonderful Sunday brunch, that is also child friendly. Their egg dishes are a delight, and the backyard terrace is worth getting a table at if you are booking ahead, which I always recommend in Zurich.

5. My Favorite Restaurants—from Anna Timbrook

— Co Chin Chin

Co Chin Chin is a fun new Vietnamese restaurant with a very hip and upbeat vibe. They offer a wide range of Vietnamese inspired food including tasty spring rolls and the iconic Vietnamese classic – Pho.

Co Chin Chin has great Vietnamese food in Zurich Switzerland
try the Vietnamese food at Co Chin Chin in Zurich Switzerland

— Cinque

Another Italian option for those who fancy some white linen table service is Cinque. Their decor is a little quirky, with things you might expect to see in an Italian nonna’s (grandma’s) house, but their food is well worth the price. It ranges from the typical pasta, to more tasty dishes like Ossobuco, which if you haven’t tried, I highly recommend.

— Bar Basso

Somewhere I just discovered this week is Bar Basso. It’s hidden away next to the main swimming pool in Zurich, Hallenbad, but worth a visit if you are after a quick pizza. Their menu is a combination of pizzas and a few mains, and they also have their own pizza oven, which is always a sign of a great pizza restaurant to me.

try the pizza at Bar Basso in Zurich Switzerland
try the pizza at Bar Basso in Zurich Switzerland

— Tea Room Blunt

Tea Room Blunt is a Moroccan-inspired restaurant that always seems to be full. The setting is what you would expect from a classic tea room in Morocco, as is the menu—with couscous and tagines featuring heavily on the menu. I also recommend ordering a mint tea, which is just hot water with a huge sprig of mint in it, just like it should be!

— Brisket Southern BBQ

The last place I want to mention is Brisket. If you love Texan BBQ, but don’t actually live there, then this is the place to satiate your meat-filled desires. They smoke and slow cook their meat on site and offer a range of BBQ classics like brisket, ribs, and more.

Have you visited these amazing Zurich restaurants? Do you have other favorite places to eat in Zurich Switzerland?

Anna Timbrook was born to travel the world having studied languages all her life. Although she has traveled the world, she now calls Switzerland home and spends her time writing about her experiences on her travel blog with her husband.

Anna Timbrook from ExpertWorldTravel.com
Anna Timbrook from ExpertWorldTravel.com

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