Eat Healthy and Slash Travel Costs

With the holiday season upon us—and unhealthy eating opportunities everywhere we look—one way to restore some healthy habits is when traveling. Saving money is a great bonus!

In my classes, I teach attendees to slash travel costs by staying in the right type of properties. Sometimes the lodging costs a little more money but often does not.

Properties with kitchenettes, for instance, will save you money when you decide to eat in more and dine out less. Dining costs can easily exceed $100 per person per day. By using a kitchenette instead of dining out at  restaurants, you can slash more than 50% from your dining costs. You decide how much to save.

Kitchenette properties do not have to be fancy or cost more than regular lodging. Many hotel rooms have a refrigerator and microwave; if not, you can request one or both. Hotel companies have entire suite properties, with full kitchens. Non-hotel rental properties include condos, apartments, and villas.

Think of just breakfast—a quick estimate is $10 per person per day. That is $250 to $300 for 4 people for one week. By simply buying cereal, milk, orange juice, bread, and fruit, you can save over $200.

Lunch and dinner costs (and savings) can be more dramatic.

Not only will you slash travel costs but it is more healthy. You can choose quality ingredients and create sensible portions. One meal can be on your balcony, another can be in a park or on the waterfront.

Happy and healthy travels!

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