Things to Do in Indian Rocks Beach: Fun Florida Mailboxes

Indian Rocks Beach Florida is a community in southern Clearwater Beach and a fun way to explore it is to walk or bicycle around the neighborhoods. Bicycling around Indian Rocks Beach many times, I loved seeing dozens of clever, creative, and fun Florida mailboxes.

Walking to the beach one morning, I spoke with the local postal worker about the fun mailboxes. I said you must be entertained and love delivering mail to so many fun places. He told me his favorite mailboxes in Indian Rocks Beach and they appear below.

Also read to the end of this article for our recommendations of where to eat in Indian Rocks Beach.

Things to Do in Indian Rocks Beach: Fun Florida Mailboxes

mailbox was saying "just be nice"
Fun Florida Mailboxes in Indian Rocks Beach FL

Pelican Mailbox

You will see pelicans all over the place on Indian Rocks Beach and a few residents choose to embrace and honor their presence.

Fun fact: pelicans commute up to 93 miles every day (source: wikipedia)

fun pelican mailbox
Pelican mailbox: things to see in Indian Rocks Beach FL

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Manatees Mailbox

Manatees frequent the warm waters of the intracoastal waterway on the east side of Indian Rocks Beach. You have to love this mailbox featuring a manatee with baby.

Fun fact: manatees can eat over 100 pounds of vegetation a day (source: Smithsonian)

manatee mailboxes (mom and baby manatee)
Manatees mailbox: things to see in Clearwater Beach FL

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Dolphin Mailbox

We see dolphins at sunset about 85% of the time and I love seeing dolphin mailboxes. In fact, they are probably the most popular of my fun Florida mailboxes finds.

Fun fact: dolphins can make over 1,000 clicking noises per second. And you thought you talked fast. (source: National Geographic)

dolphin mailboxes (mom and baby dolphins)
dolphins mailbox in Indian Rocks Beach Florida
dolphin mailbox
dolphin mailbox in Indian Rocks Beach FL

This kit mailbox is a clever way to dress up a regular mailbox.

dolphin kit mailbox
dolphin kit mailbox: things to do in Indian Rocks Beach Florida

Largemouth Bass Mailbox

Several Indian Rocks Beach mailboxes have a fish theme, but I like this one the most.

Fun fact: the mouth of the largemouth bass acts as a vacuum to capture prey (source: Outdoor Life)

funny large mouth bass mailbox
bass mailbox: things to do in Clearwater Beach Florida

Fish Lure Mailbox

The fish theme continues in this fishing lure mailbox. Careful when you deliver the mail!

fishing lure mailbox
fishing lure mailbox: things to see in Indian Rocks Beach FL

Gator Mailbox

I looked during several bike rides, but could not find a gator mailbox. When I asked the mailman if there was one in Indian Rocks Beach, he told me to look on 6th Street. Note, 6th Street is hard to find but I finally found this blue gator.

Fun fact: An alligator can go through over 2,000 teeth in its lifetime. New teeth grow in to replace any that wear out or are lost.

blue alligator mailbox
gator mailbox: things to do in Indian Rocks Beach Florida

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Polar Bear Mailbox

The moment you have been waiting for. The mailman told me his favorite mailbox is this polar bear. I said, the one with the penguin? He looked puzzled. Perhaps 30 minutes earlier I had taken this picture. When I showed it to him, he said Yes and also said he never noticed the penguin before. Bears and penguins together, now you know you are in trouble!

polar bear hugging penguin mailbox
polar bear mailbox in Indian Rocks Beach Florida

Lighthouse Mailbox

lighthouse mailbox
lighthouse mailbox in Indian Rocks Beach Florida

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Hope that was fun for you. Do you have a favorite mailbox from this article?

Where to Eat in Indian Rocks Beach

Some of our favorite Indian Rocks Beach FL restaurants include:

  • Seabreeze Island Grill ($3 margaritas all day and amazing specials until 6pm)
  • Jake’s Cantina (check out their daily 2-for-1 specials)
  • Salt Public House (Devil Kiss fries are yummy)
  • Kooky Coconut (excellent Cuban sandwich)

What other fun things to do in Indian Rocks Beach Florida do you recommend?

Things to Do in Indian Rocks Beach: Fun Florida Mailboxes was originally published on McCool Travel on February 17, 2018.

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  1. Cute. Creative thing they have going on with those mailboxes. Imagine a lot of families and other tourists have fun driving around and checking them out. 🙂 Like the bear mailbox.


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