Viking Star Dining Options That Will Blow Your Mind

The astounding Viking Star dining options range from custom made Norwegian waffles to elegant buffets with sushi and a gelato bar. Read on to learn why Viking Star dining options are different than other cruises! McCool Travel note: While this article is specifically about Viking Star dining options, the information applies to all Viking Ocean ships as they have the same names and design configurations.

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Viking Star Dining Options That Will Blow Your Mind

Viking Star’s largest dining area, World Cafe, is nicer than most buffet experiences, with fresh and quality food appropriate for each destination along with some special features (listed below). Additional Viking Star dining options include three elegant table service restaurants (also covered below).

McCool Travel tip: When entering World Cafe, you can choose from two entrances but I preferred the right side. The left side is usually busier while the right side has two special options listed below. Visit both lines as many times as you want.

Diners can sit outside when the weather is pleasant. In slightly milder conditions, you can sit inside with the massive glass doors open. Viking says it has the most al fresco options at sea.

Al fresco dining is not even one of my Viking Star dining options but the following choices are. Enjoy!

Fresh Specials in World Cafe

On both World Cafe lines, prepared-to-order items are available in the hot food section. They may include grilled shrimp, fresh pasta, or something else. Whatever it is get it! My copyrighted routine is: place my order, go to the salad bar or load up on veggies, and return to the hot food area to pick up my order. McCool efficiency!

Viking Cruise: Viking Star: World Cafe
At Viking Star’s World Cafe, select desserts after your meal

Viking Cruises Sushi Bar

Chef Anthony told me that on a vacation to New York City he ate at Nobu every day for two weeks. He asked the sushi chef if he wanted to see the world and hired him for the Viking Star. Unfortunately I did not discover the fresh sushi until the end of the cruise—so I might book another Viking Star itinerary just for the sushi. Find the sushi bar in the cold food section on the right line of World Cafe.

Viking Cruises : Viking Star : sushi at World Cafe
Viking cruise dining: sushi at World Cafe

Gelato Bar on Viking Cruises

World Cafe has a gelato section with 10 homemade flavors. Enough said, right? Just in case that did not prompt you to immediately book a Viking Star cruise, allow me to continue. To demonstrate the popularity of the gelato area, it was the only spot on Viking Star that ever had a line.

You can find the gelato in the dessert area on the right line of World Cafe. Are you starting to understand why I suggest the right line? The gelato bar always has a few consistent flavors but 6 others change every day. If you see a variety you might want, GET IT! I made the mistake of figuring I would try a flavor later, only to find it not available the rest of my cruise.

Viking Star Dining Options : Viking Cruises : gelato
Viking Ocean dining: homemade gelato at World Cafe

The Restaurant on Viking Ocean

I am a filet mignon snob and The Restaurant served one of the best I ever tasted. Here, one menu section is fixed for the entire cruise while another section changes for every port—which is basically every day. For instance, in Barcelona, my wife had paella while I had that filet; neither item was available the rest of our voyage. Reservations are suggested for dining at The Restaurant but generally there are tables available for walk-ins (like us on the first night).

Viking Cruises Chef’s Table

A dining experience meant to be savored and enjoyed is offered at Chef’s Table. Each dinner offers a five course small plate and wine pairing. Even though we were in Italy, our theme was Asian with vibrant duck, crab, and lobster dishes. The Captain of the Viking Star told me this is his favorite place to eat. Reservations are strongly suggested.


You likely will not listen if I suggest you try to save room for dessert, nor will I tell you to skip any appetizer or entree. The desserts at Manfredi’s, though, are remarkable. I suggest you dine a little earlier than you usually would, over indulge (you will!), then stroll around the ship afterward. Maybe play a game of shuffleboard or two. Manfredi’s is super popular and you WILL require a reservation. Highly recommended items from my two visits include the calamari, swordfish, and bistecca (Florentine steak).

Viking Star dining options: Manfredi's
amazing Viking Cruise dessert: at Viking Star Manfredi’s (ORDER IT!)

Viking Cruises Afternoon Tea

Dress in your most elegant tea wear (or not) and enjoy an afternoon refined tea hour in the gorgeous Wintergarden lounge. Make sure you order warm scones from the wait staff, in addition to enjoying the delivered tower of treats.

Viking Star dining options: Wintergarden afternoon tea
Viking Ocean dining options: Afternoon Tea Treats at Wintergarden

Norwegian Waffle at Mamsen’s

There is nothing wrong with spending every meal at the places already mentioned. Most people do. A hidden gem on Viking Star, though, is Mamsen’s, a small Norwegian themed counter located at the entrance to the Explorer’s Lounge. Mamsen’s is named for the Viking founder’s mother and many items here are her family recipes. One such item I tried was a scrumptious freshly made Norwegian waffle for breakfast. Customize your waffle with various toppings, including chocolate, cheese, and fruit. Yum. Mamsen’s offers Norwegian specialties that are not found elsewhere on the Viking Star.

Viking Star dining options: Mamsen's
Viking Ocean dining: Norwegian waffle at Mamsen’s

By no means is this an exhaustive list of all Viking Star dining options. There is also a poolside grill, 24×7 room service, and coffee and muffins in the morning at the Level 1 bar. The only Viking Star dining option with an additional charge is the Kitchen Table experience.

travel tips for secret things to do on Viking ocean cruises by Charles McCool for McCool Travel
try the Lobster Thermidor on Viking Ocean cruises

McCool Travel Tip: when booking your next Viking cruise (Ocean or River), mention that Charles McCool from McCool Travel referred you. In addition to current Viking cruise discounts, you may receive an additional bonus. One friend told me that they added $200 to their onboard account when they mentioned McCool Travel.

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Which of these Viking Star dining options would you most look forward to? Or enjoyed the most?

The astounding Viking Star dining options range from custom made Norwegian waffles to elegant buffets with sushi and a gelato bar.

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  2. Well, now I’m hungry! The food looks wonderful. A Viking river cruise has been on my would-love-to-do list for a while. Now there is even more reason for it to be there

  3. I feel like I need to be on a diet after just reading this. Do they have a dining option for people who don’t want to be tempted to overeat at EVERY meal? You know, just to change it up once in a while.

  4. Wow! Everything looks so delicious. We have never had the pleasure of dining on the Viking Star line, but have experienced cruising once. It looks like we need to expand our horizons.

  5. Sounds like a Viking cruise buffet is a dangerous place for me to be. Between the sushi and the dumplings, dinner would be nothing but dim sum, topped off by that chocolate dessert. But I suppose there are far worse things! Good thing the port stops offer a good way to walk it all off!

  6. Yummy! That sushi bar is really calling to me. We love cruising and did the Chef’s Table on our last cruise (different line) and it was the best cruise meal we have had.

  7. You had me at the first desserts photo! Something I really appreciated about the Viking river cruise I just took was the importance of fresh and local/regional foods that were prepared and served on board. Glad that is true of their Viking Star cruise, too. Wonderful to have a diversity of dining options, too.

  8. So this is very timely for us. We’ll be cruising on the “Viking Star” this year – and we’re very excited. Looks like we’re going to have to work extra hard in the gym though to work off some of those Manfredi’s desserts :-).

  9. Oh gosh- I think I would go on that cruise for the food alone! I’m not a big one for big groups, but if there’s the option (as you say) to sit in the less busier area, it sounds ideal.

  10. You just keep enticing us to take a cruise! I hope they have a lot of activities on their ships to work all that delicious looking food off.

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