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McCool Travel interview with Robin Draper of Authentic Florida

5 Minutes With Robin Draper

For McCool Travel’s 115th travel profile, I am thrilled to present Robin Draper of Authentic Florida. At a recent travel conference in Florida, several travel journalists asked me, “do you know Robin Draper?” Well, dang, I got the point, eventually. Actually, her Authentic Florida page on Facebook is one of my favorite travel resources and I am so happy to learn more (and share […]

McCool Travel interview: Mary Jo Manzanares relaxing in Japan

5 Minutes With Mary Jo Manzanares

For McCool Travel’s 114th travel profile, I am happy to present Mary Jo Manzanares of Traveling With MJ. I have followed Mary Jo like for-evah on social media. We finally met in person at a TBEX conference in 2015, where she was the conference director (she recently left that role). I was struck by how similar our favorite travel memories are. Mary […]

McCool Travel interview with Valerie Stimac of Valerie & Valise

5 Minutes With Valerie Stimac

For McCool Travel’s 113th travel profile, I am happy to present Valerie Stimac of Valerie & Valise. Valerie is a longtime contact on Twitter and Facebook. She is currently traveling in Europe through the rest of 2016 and is deciding where to go afterwards. Valerie Stimac‘s bio: Valerie Stimac of Valerie & Valise Hometown… I grew up in Eagle River, Alaska, but now […]

travel interview with Mar Pages of Once in a Lifetime Journey

5 Minutes with Mar Pages

For McCool Travel’s 112th travel profile, I am happy to present Mar Pages of Once in a Lifetime Journey. Mar contributed one of the travel tips for my recent article, 11 Useful Travel Tips You Have Never Seen. In fact, her tip was a very popular one, a great way to use Instagram for trip planning and travel research. I wanted to […]


5 Minutes With Cathy Merrifield of RoarLoud

For McCool Travel’s 111th travel profile, I am happy to present Cathy Merrifield of RoarLoud. Although we have followed each other on social media channels, I met Cathy in person in June on the Fathom cruise. Cathy was recently ranked #4 on the Top 1000 Travel Bloggers list; I particularly know that since I was #5. Get out of my way! Cathy Merrifield’s bio: Cathy […]

Suze of Luxury Columnist, travel interview by Charles McCool of McCool Travel

5 Minutes With Suze of Luxury Columnist

For McCool Travel’s 110th travel profile, I am happy to present Suze of Luxury Columnist. Suze is a longtime Twitter friend and another UK luxury travel aficionado (like another recent interview subject, Claire from Luxury Travel Diary). Both use only their first names so I might’ve to adopt that strategy soon. What do you think? Luxury Columnist’s bio: Suze of Luxury Columnist Hometown… London—I never tire […]

interview with Eric Stoen of Travel Babbo by McCool travel

5 Minutes With Eric Stoen

For McCool Travel’s 109th travel profile, I am happy to present Eric Stoen of Travel Babbo. Eric Stoen takes absolutely drop dead gorgeous photographs. I met him at a travel conference last year and we were both part of the Yahoo Travel Explorers group (R.I.P.). Eric Stoen’s bio: Eric Stoen of Travel Babbo Hometown… Colorado Springs, Colorado Always in my luggage… Headphones, Amazon Kindle, Laptop […]

McCool Travel interview with Duke Stewart

5 Minutes With Duke Stewart Writes

For McCool Travel’s 109th travel profile, I am happy to present Duke Stewart of Duke Stewart Writes. I met Carl, I mean “Duke Stewart,” recently on a Fathom cruise. In fact, we walked most of a 5K together—try walking 45 laps around a cruise ship—where we chatted about baseball (he loves the New York Mets) and oodles of travel stuff. Duke Stewart‘s bio: Duke […]

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 5.53.22 PM

5 Minutes With Luxury Travel Diary

For McCool Travel’s 108th travel profile, I am happy to present Claire of Luxury Travel Diary. Claire‘s bio: Luxury Travel Diary Hometown… Luxury properties around the world! Always in my luggage… I never leave without lip balm for the flight, Louboutins for evenings out, flip flops for the beach, and Nintendo’s Mario & Luigi soft toys for my boy. It is […]

Sarah Dandashy, Ask a Concierge

5 Minutes With Sarah Dandashy, Ask a Concierge

For McCool Travel’s 107th travel profile, I am happy to present Sarah Dandashy of Ask a Concierge. I read once that universal ideal dream jobs are owning a restaurant and operating a B&B. For me, being a concierge has always been a desire. I love extracting information from concierges, finding the hidden gems in every city. So, Sarah Dandashy has been on my radar […]