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Spencer Spellman

5 Minutes With Spencer Spellman

For McCool Travel’s 59th travel profile, I am honored and pleased to present Spencer Spellman. I met Spencer online (not yet in person) from his work as Editor-in-Chief of Expedia Viewfinder. His travel articles have also appeared in National Geographic, AFAR, Los Angeles Times, and many other outlets. His new venture, WhiskeyTangoGlobetrot, is formally launching today. How’s that for a McCool Travel exclusive? Spencer Spellman’s bio: Spencer […]

Going Gypsy by The Gypsynesters

5 Minutes With The Gypsynesters

For McCool Travel’s 58th travel profile, I am honored and pleased to present Dave and Veronica James, commonly known as The Gypsynesters. My most astute readers will recall that my prior profile subject was also named Veronica. Two Veronicas in a row. That’s brilliant. The Gypsynesters bio: The Gypsynesters Hometown… Veronica was born and raised in Southern California; David hails from Kansas and […]

by Veronica Stoddart

5 Minutes With Veronica Stoddart

For McCool Travel’s 57th travel profile, I am honored and pleased to present Veronica Stoddart. Veronica is an award-winning travel journalist, speaker, and entrepreneur. That is one of her photos above. She has visited 100 countries and lived on three continents. Veronica Stoddart’s bio: Veronica Stoddart Hometown… Washington, D.C. Always in my luggage… Apart from must-have electronics, I always pack plastic bags in different […]


8 Great Travel Skills for 2015

Everyone is talking about where to go in 2015 (Cuba anyone?) but I want to talk about better travel practices. Here are 8 great travel skills to improve travels in 2015 (and every year): Car Rental Loyalty Programs. I am astonished when I read articles from “travel experts” mentioning standing in line to rent cars. […]


5 Minutes With Barbara Weibel

Happy New Year! Thank you for tuning in for another year of fun adventures and travel explorations. For McCool Travel’s 56th travel profile and first of 2015, I am honored and pleased to present Barbara Weibel. Barbara is the owner/editor of Hole in the Donut Cultural Travel and a full-time traveler. Yes, permanently on the road, as in no fixed address since 2009. Barbara Weibel’s bio: Please […]

Dave Levart and Abdul

5 Minutes With Dave Levart of Dave’s Travel Corner

For McCool Travel’s 55th travel profile, I am pleased to present Dave Levart. Dave is the driving force behind Dave’s Travel Corner, one of the first big travel websites I can remember. Please read on for Dave’s travel tips and experiences. Great stuff. Dave Levart’s bio: Let’s learn more about Dave Levart!   Dave Levart Hometown… Napa Valley area – although often in […]

Monica Stott The Travel Hack

5 Minutes With Monica Stott

For McCool Travel’s 54th travel profile, I am pleased to present Monica Stott. She is the professional blogger behind The Travel Hack brand and I am so glad she took a few minutes from her busy schedule to share her travel thoughts and tips with me. Monica Stott’s bio: Let’s learn more about Monica Stott, the Travel Hack! Monica Stott Hometown… […]


Manufactured Spending for Travel Point Accrual

In 2015 I want to learn some additional ninja techniques for accruing extra points. With that in mind, I recently attended Frequent Traveler University. At FTU I met amazingly creative people with a history of and knack for optimizing point accrual and redemption opportunities. Or, as FTU banners read, “Learn, Earn, & Burn.” In my previous post […]

Jessica Van Dop DeJesus

5 Minutes With Jessica van Dop DeJesus

For McCool Travel’s 53rd travel profile, I am pleased to present Jessica van Dop DeJesus. I have met Jessica at two traveler gatherings in Washington, D.C. and am really impressed with Jessica and her brand. I mean, how awesome is the name Dining Traveler? I have used this pun before—but Jessica is going places. Since rebranding to Dining Traveler over the summer, I […]

Pola Henderson: Jetting Around

5 Minutes With Pola Henderson

For McCool Travel’s 52nd travel profile, I am pleased to present Pola Henderson. I “met” Pola online through her Twitter chat, #JAchat (JA is for “Jetting Around”). #JAchat is a lively discussion with many fun, well-traveled people and I was fortunate to help host one session. #JAchat occurs every Friday at 1pm eastern US and celebrated its first year this past October. […]