8 Great Airbnb Advantages Over Hotels

Some of my favorite Airbnb advantages over hotels include more space, better amenities, kitchens, lower cost, a washer & dryer, and much more. I have rented over 100 vacation rentals (on Airbnb and other websites) and crafted this comparison list about why staying in Airbnb is better than hotels.

A vacation rental—whether a home, apartment, condo, boat, yurt, shared space, or other property—represents tremendous value, compared to hotels, for flexible, adventurous travel consumers.

Following are some of my favorite reasons why Airbnb rentals are better than hotels and some favorite vacation rental advantages over hotels.

McCool Travel note: But sometimes I prefer hotels so I also talk about Hotel Advantages (over Airbnb).

Airbnb Advantages Over Hotels

1. Airbnb Properties Usually Have More Space

My favorite simple example why Airbnbs are better than hotels is for a family of four (such as my McCool gang). To stay in a hotel suite, we have to book two rooms, but I can find a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment for a lower price.

loft in a Rome apartment booked through Airbnb
spacious apartment loft in Rome, Italy

More space, less price. Brilliant. That might be all you need to know but read on for seven more Airbnb advantages over hotels.

2. Airbnb Properties Have Kitchens

Most of our temporary Airbnb homes have full kitchens so we have the option of preparing meals, thus slashing our dining expenses and eating healthier.

Airbnb, Boston, kitchen
full kitchen in this Boston Airbnb

3. Airbnb Amenities Are Better Than Hotels

Rental properties often have amenities that are unavailable at hotels (or cost money)—such as bicycles, canoes or kayaks, views (oceanfront), convenient (and free) parking, better entertainment (TV, premium channels, sound system), private pool / spa, games (pool table, foosball), and more.

private pool and yard at Airbnb in Florida
private pool and yard at Airbnb in Anna Maria Island Florida

4. Another Airbnb Advantage Is a Washer and Dryer

Our family can travel with only carryon baggage knowing that we can do laundry every 3-4 days in our rental properties. In fact, it is kind of fun trying to figure out appliances in Montreal, Rome, Venice, or wherever in the world we are.

Airbnb, Montreal, appliances
a big advantage of Airbnbs over hotels is a washer and dryer

5. Airbnb Properties are in Neighborhoods

Vacation rentals are typically located in local neighborhoods (rather than tourist areas, where hotels are) so they are more authentically fun, restaurants and shops charge less, and people are naturally friendlier.

6. Airbnb Owners Provide Better Info to Visitors

information provided by Airbnb property owners is more appropriate (to me) than what I extract from hotel staff. For instance, home owners recommend more down-to-earth (authentic, local favorite) restaurants than hotel concierges (trendy, touristy).

7. Airbnb Properties Cost Less than Hotels

Vacation rental prices are usually lower than hotel rooms of comparable quality. My Airbnb rental in Boston this past March had a plush king bed, amazing shower and bathroom, two levels, full kitchen, deck, private entrance, nearby street parking, and many custom touches; the rate was half the price of nearby Boston city hotels. Let me repeat that:

HALF the price of nearby hotels.

Airbnb, Boston, staircase
this is an elegant and high quality wooden staircase in a Boston Airbnb apartment

8. Airbnbs Have Free Wifi (and Faster Wifi, Too!)

Good, working wifi, too, not crappy pretend hotel wifi. A common hotel complaint is costly and ineffective wifi. Every vacation rental I have stayed at had strong and free wifi. Most also had extended cable, AppleTV, Netflix, and/or other fantastic entertainment options.

In these articles I compare a vacation house rental to hotel:

What other Airbnb advantages have you experienced? If you are a hotel person, see my article about Hotel Advantages (over Airbnb)

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I appreciate value and the following are what I consider some Airbnb advantages over hotels. Do you know any other Airbnb advantages? Let me know.

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41 thoughts on “8 Great Airbnb Advantages Over Hotels”

  1. We have had some really great and very bad experiences with Airbnbs. When it comes down to it, price and location play a major part in our decision making for lodgings. I do love the uniqueness Airbnbs provide so I always look at what’s available when I travel.

  2. We also are Team home rental. Space is key especially with a family (your Rome apt looks lovely- what area was this in?) Also, having a kitchen makes breakfast & coffee super convenient & saves $ too. Really enjoyed this post! 👏

  3. This is all so true! I actually rarely ever stay in hotels. If I’m travelling solo I love a good hostel where I can meet other travellers. And if it’s just my partner and I an AirBnb feels much more like a home away from home but gives us more of the space and privacy we crave.

    I can’t think of the last time I booked a hotel for myself! I think it would feel quite restrictive. Even making a cup of tea isn’t quite the same!

  4. We use Airbnb and hotels equally. Sometimes on a short stay the cleaning fee makes Airbnb more expensive so that’s something to look at. I love having the sitting & kitchen space with Airbnb when there are more than 2 of us. My favorite Airbnb advantage is the uniqueness of some of the properties as well as the decor and personal touches.

  5. I haven’t booked Airbnb yet but of course considering it for future travels. And I agree having better deals when travelling in a group. Also when staying for a long time and having all the homey amenities.

  6. I compare the pros and cons of Airbnb’s and hotels before each booking. Sometimes a hotel is preferred because I can store luggage there after check out! But generally I do love a kitchen and a washer 🙂

  7. I absolutely love this post. I think it might have been just what I needed to take the plunge! Thanks so much!


      • Strong and convincing article. We have never stayed in an Airbnb but are open to it. We road trip wherever we go and typically only stay one night and then we’re off again early the next morning. Hotels work well for us but there are places this would work perfectly for. We’ll probably give it a go in the future!

  8. We have had great experiences with Airbnb, always saving money over the price of a hotel. When you add in the bonus of having a space to do laundry, cook, and just get some space from your travel partner(s), it’s definitely worth it. That being said, if we’re only in town one night or two, we usually go with a hotel, particularly if it has a pool, gym, or free breakfast. So for us, we mix it up!

  9. We’ve used Airbnb a few times, but have actually had better success and nicer accommodations using Homeaway… I’d use Airbnb again, but I always go to Homeaway first.

      • Agreed to all! Especially these days having a kitchen is super important. Additionally, in normal times when you do the OG Airbnb experience you will get to stay with the owner and get to know the owner. Learn from them if it’s a different culture…

  10. Like a lot of other people I have had mixed experiences with AirBnB. When it was good is was great but a few issues dealing with owners and one or two that don’t live up to the promise, keep me on the fence.
    You do make some good points here though.

  11. I saved a ton of money on lodging in Italy and Spain this summer renting apartments and houses. I only used Airbnb for one of them. Other sites for everything else.

  12. My experience with AirBnB has been rather mixed. I’m a solo traveler, and really cannot justify the cost of an entire apartment just for myself. Renting a room in an apartment has its good points and bad points. I’ve rented through them 5 or 6 times. Two stays were great, and the others were just okay. Most of the issues had to do with cleanliness, and just plain weird and annoying people renting the other rooms. Doors and locks come in so handy! Paying upfront (sometimes months in advance) is also something I’m not that keen on.

  13. We rented a gorgeous traditional house on one of the islands in Greece through AirBnB and it was wonderful to be immersed in the region with all books in the bookcase in Greek – and members of the family who owned the house dropping local food stuffs off to us as welcoming gifts!

  14. I hear so many great things about Airbnb, but haven’t tried them yet. We were very close to renting thru Airbnb in Paris in December, but ultimately decided on a hotel. We’ve stayed in apartments several times in our travels, and definitely appreciate the benefits. Will give Airbnb a closer look next time.

  15. Agree with everything you said. I’ve always had great experiences at Airbnb’s. In Spain, our hosts took us on an evening of eating, dancing and fun with their friends and family at the “feria” – such a great firsthand cultural experience, and a highlight of our trip!

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