8 Great Mantras That Will Make You Want to Travel

After conducting 95 interviews with amazing travel experts, I have a nice collection of inspiring and great travel mantras. In each interview, I asked the travel expert for a travel mantra of 8 words or less. As you will see below, not every person abided by that requirement so 8 words is more of a guideline.

I selected a few great travel mantras that most make me want to jump out of my chair and see the world. I hope you feel the same.

Each travel mantra links to the travel expert’s interview on McCool Travel and their website, so that you can learn more about them and be further inspired.

Happy Travels.

8 Great Travel Mantras That Will Make You Want to Travel

Why work from home when you can work from Rome? from Jenny McIver, RTWin30Days

great mantras, from Jenny McIver

“The Point Of The Journey Is Not To Arrive.”Steven Frischling, FlyingWithFish

great mantras, from Steven Frischling

“Be nimble, the best experiences are never planned.”Jean Newman Glock, JNGWorldwide

great mantras, Jean Newman Glock

“I’d rather have the most stories than the most things.”Anwar Yafai, Beyond My Door

great mantras, Anwar Yafai

“Make your next trip extraordinary!”Wendy Perrin, WendyPerrin.com

great mantras, Wendy Perrin

“Invest in experiences, rather than things.”Spencer Spellman, WhiskeyTangoGlobetrot

great mantras, Spencer Spillman

“Spend less, see more.”Pauline Frommer, Frommers.com

great travel mantras, Pauline Frommer

“If it scares you, do it.”David Lee, Travel Blog Success

Travel mantras by McCool Travel

Do you have a favorite travel mantra? Either from the above 8 great travel mantras, from another McCool Travel interview, or one you just love. Thank you.

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Here are 8 great mantras created by influential travel experts that will inspire you to jump out of your chair and make plans to see the world.

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9 thoughts on “8 Great Mantras That Will Make You Want to Travel”

  1. Love the one about working from Rome!! That is a great one 🙂 we don’t have a travel mantra, but after reading this I think we need to come up with something!! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. The mantras about more experiences and fewer things always speak to me. I’m a minimalist, except when it comes to exploring. There can never be enough of that…

  3. “Invest in experiences, rather than things.” – that’s my favourite one and it speaks to me. But of course, I would not say no to “work from Rome~” 😛 @ knycx.journeying

  4. If it scares you, do it! Yes I believe that. I want to do those things that scare me and then realize after that there is no reason to be scared at all. I have learned to have less things and more experiences. I believe the story I can share means more —so yeah— travelling is definitely something that made me more rich in so many ways.

  5. So many great mantras! I like the last one, “if it scares you, do it.” It reminds me of hiking Angels Landing in Zion National Park; I was scared but it will probably go down as one of my favorite moments!

  6. I’m very hurt that you didn’t use my quote of “I think there’s time for a nap” but instead went with inspirational stuff. Jeezh! 🙂

  7. Great list Charles! We like to say “The plan is no plans.” Maybe not the most practical advice, but it works for us.

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