Air Travelers Holiday Wish List

I first published this “Air Travelers Holiday Wish List” in 2002. That first year, some airline employees found it and told me that they loved it and shared it with the office.

Are these air travel holiday wishes still desired today? Are any list items worse today than in 2002?

aerial view of Miami Beach, Florida
aerial view of Miami Beach, Florida: Air Travelers Holiday Wish List

The following is the last verse, to be sung to the tune of the popular Christmas Carol, “The 12 Days of Christmas.” Enjoy!

Air Travelers Holiday Wish List

On the Twelfth Flight of Christmas, the airlines** should give us:

Undamaged Baggage
Pleasant Customer Service
Easier Check-in
No Overbookings
More Non-stop Flights, Please
Better Eating Choices
Convenient Parking
Increased Leg Room
More jetBlues***
Fewer Delays and
NO Lines at Se-cu-ri-ty

** Sure, the airlines are not to blame for every air travel problem. What fun is there in teasing the airports or FAA?

*** Substitute “Southwest” for “jetBlue,” if desired.

airline seat with maximum leg room
Air Travelers Holiday Wish List: Yeah, increased leg room.

Happy Holidays!
Charles McCool
author, Winning the Airfare Game


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20 thoughts on “Air Travelers Holiday Wish List”

  1. Undamaged or unlost baggage is a big one! I’ve certainly had both over the years. Wishing you safe and happy travels, Charles.

  2. Wish seems to be the operative word here. Wouldn’t it be nice? Usually we just try to avoid flying over the holidays.

  3. So…. after I finish typing this comment, I’m going to have to contact Sampsonite to get my 29′” spinner fixed because the handlers literally ripped the zipper half off it on this last trip. It’s the most wonderful time of the year…….

  4. Great list that wraps up everything I hope for each time I travel by air It’s strange to remember that there used to be a time when flying was a fun adventure! Anita

  5. Totally agree with your list Charles! In a perfect flying world, hey! Now I can’t get the tune out of my head 😉 Merry Christmas 🙂

  6. I actually sang along in my head as I was reading it…so very true for every traveler. Add no screaming children (not the airlines fault either, but while I’m wishing…)! Happy Holidays!

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