Festivus: Airing of (Travel) Grievances

Happy Festivus to all!

What is Festivus?

Festivus is an alternative holiday to Christmas, occurring on December 23, and entered the popular mainstream as the subject of a Seinfeld television episode in 1997. Things to do on Festivus include adorning the Festivus pole, a Festivus dinner, Airing of Grievances, Feats of Strength, and Festivus Miracles.

The traditional Festivus, as created by Daniel O’Keefe (father of a Seinfeld writer, Dan O’Keefe), is over when the head of the household (and Festivus host) is pinned in a wrestling match (Feats of Strength). The Festivus wrestling events occurs after Festivus Dinner and the Airing of Grievances.

Festivus Funness

A required activity of all Festivus gatherings is the Airing of Grievances. On the Seinfeld episode, George’s father, Frank Constanza, launched this segment by stating he had a lot of problems with the attendees and encouraged everyone to list their problems and dissatisfaction with others. I think Airing of Grievances should be included in all holiday celebrations. What do you think?

Festivus: Travel Grievances
Will you celebrate Festivus this year?

Airing of Travel Grievances

I often think of publishing a Travel Hall of Shame, which, of course, I would call McCool’s Fools. Other McCool Travel holiday articles include Air Traveler’s Holiday Wish List but a true Airing of (Travel) Grievances seems appropriate on Festivus. Travel problems are plentiful and ’tis be the perfect season to share them. Might as well clear your conscience and head into the new year by thinking happy travel thoughts.

Let me start the Airing of Travel Grievances list but I hope this is a truly collaborative effort.


Travel Grievances include:

  • Hotels charging for wi-fi
  • Airlines reducing legroom and charging for bag checkin
  • Airlines devaluing loyalty points
  • Venice fining people with roller bags

OK, that is a small starter list.

Tell me your travel grievances. And a Happy Festivus to all.

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