Festivus: Airing of (Travel) Grievances

Happy Festivus!

A required activity of all Festivus gatherings is Airing of Grievances.

Festivus: Travel Grievances

I often think of publishing a Travel Hall of Shame, which, of course, I would call McCool’s Fools. Other McCool Travel holiday articles include Air Traveler’s Holiday Wish List but a true Airing of (Travel) Grievances seems appropriate today.


Let me start the list but I hope this is a truly collaborative effort. Tell me your travel grievances.


  • Hotels charging for wi-fi.
  • JetBlue reducing legroom and charging for first bag checkin (in 2015)
  • Airlines devaluing loyalty points
  • Venice fining people with roller bags (oh, yeah, that was not true).

OK, that is a small starter list.

Tell me your travel grievances. And a Happy Festivus to all.

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