California Road Trip Signs

Thinking about my all-time favorite road trip signs, I realized that at least three of my top five are from California. I love California and road trips in California. So, how about a quick virtual trip around the Golden State and a peek at my favorite California road trip signs?

California Road Trip Signs

Between Carmel Beach and Point Lobos State Park, this sign along highway 1—Pacific Coast Highway (PCH)—always makes me smile. I love this sign because it signifies that you are about to enter Big Sur, one of the most majestic and gorgeous stretches of land in the world. The roads are indeed curvy and Big Sur is a magnificent road trip.

Big Sur: California road trips signs
California road trip signs: entrance to Big Sur, California

What is your theory for missing top corner of the sign?

After leaving Joshua Tree National Park and driving west on highway 62 (toward Lake Havasu, Arizona), this great road sign provides ample warning to fill up your gas tank and stomach. Last time I drove past this sign, as you can see, it was early evening. Before I completed this solitary road trip stretch, the sky was pitch black and the stars were magnificent.

Next Service 100 Miles road sign in California desert
Next Service 100 Miles road sign in California desert

Did you notice the bullet holes? Apparently this sign is a great target for some hunters.

Portuguese Bend, on the Palos Verdes peninsula (near San Pedro), constantly shifts. I mean the actual ground constantly moves. You will not literally feel it while there (hopefully) but you will see much evidence. The road is constantly repaved. There are no homes in this area, yet multimillion dollar homes on both sides. And, of course, this sign, definitely one of my favorite California road trip signs.

California Road Trip Signs: Portuguese Bend, Palos Verdes, California
Portuguese Bend, Palos Verdes, California: California road trip signs

The sign is too wide for my iPhone. I will have to return to California soon to get a proper picture and to find more California signs.

What are your favorite California road trip signs?

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