8 Great Food Travel Bloggers to Follow

Food Travel Bloggers to Follow

Remember those Reese’s commercials about how well peanut butter and chocolate (or chocolate and peanut butter, if you prefer) are perfect together? Well, for me, nothing goes together as perfectly as Travel and Food.

I regularly tell people that my favorite Travel app is Yelp. That surprises most people, thinking I would instead suggest a travel booking or resource travel app. Really, though, when I visit places, I want to try new things to eat. Always!

However, I am by no means a foodie or food travel expert. Some of my friends are food travel experts and I decided to showcase them, along with a couple of their suggested food travel bloggers to follow. I have included links to their websites and social media channels so that you can follow them and be inspired (and get hungry!).

Go Epicurista

Orlando based Christina Thomas celebrates great food, wine, and friends on Go Epicurista. While her focus is the amazing culinary scene in Central Florida, she often covers food, drink, and fun in places like Turks & Caicos and Portland, Oregon. Christina says to celebrate life today because someday may never come.

Follow Go Epicurista: (web : Instagram : Pinterest : Twitter : Facebook)

food travel bloggers to follow: Go Epicurista, Christina Thomas
Go Epicurista, Christina Thomas

Food Travelist

Chicago based Sue Reddel and Diana Laskaris operate the super popular #FoodTravelChat on Twitter (Wednesdays, 9pm EST) along with managing their Food Travelist website. They call themselves Ambassadors of World Food Tourism, scoring a spot in my heart because they love to travel and eat great food.

Follow Food Travelist: (web : Instagram : Pinterest : Twitter : Facebook)

food travel bloggers to follow: Food Travelist, Sue Reddel and Diana Laskaris
Food Travelist, Sue Reddel and Diana Laskaris

The Dining Traveler

Washington, DC based Jessica van Dop DeJesus on The Dining Traveler says travel and food are intertwined. When you find a local, off the beaten path place to dine, you can get a perspective how people live.  She is publishing a book about her native Puerto Rico that I cannot wait to see.

Follow The Dining Traveler: (web : Instagram : Pinterest : Twitter : Facebook)

food travel bloggers to follow: Dining Traveler, Jessica van Dop DeJesus
Dining Traveler, Jessica van Dop DeJesus


Philadelphia based but currently eating their way around the world, Daryl and Mindi Hirsch are Culinary Travel Influencers who eat it all, from street trucks to Michelin starred restaurants and everything in between. As they say on the 2foodtrippers website, Let’s face it – food is one of the best parts of travel, if not the best part. Totally agree!

Follow 2foodtrippers: (web : Instagram : Pinterest : Twitter : Facebook)

food travel bloggers to follow: 2foodtrippers, Mindi and Daryl Hirsch
2foodtrippers, Mindi and Daryl Hirsch

The above accounts are the four food travel blogger accounts I follow the most. I asked a couple of them for suggestions of other food travel bloggers to follow.

The Travel Bite

I met Rachelle Lucas last year at a travel conference and have followed her online for years. She lives in Central Florida and her goal is to help you plan your next culinary vacation and tempt your tastebuds with a few globally inspired recipes. Her brand, The Travel Bite, is one of the biggies, often mentioned in lists of top Food Travel Bloggers to Follow.

Follow The Travel Bite: (web : Instagram : Pinterest : Twitter : Facebook)

food travel bloggers to follow: The Travel Bite, Rachelle Lucas
The Travel Bite, Rachelle Lucas

Authentic Food Quest

Claire and Rosemary created Authentic Food Quest to discover authentic food from around the world. They are digital nomads currently discovering authentic food in South America and Southeast Asia one mouthful at a time. I love the fun and passion they project on their media, and, heck, their pictures make my stomach growl and my mouth water.

Follow Authentic Food Quest: (web : Instagram : Pinterest : Twitter : Facebook)

food travel bloggers to follow: Authentic Food Quest, Claire and Rosemary
Authentic Food Quest, Claire and Rosemary

A Taste of Travel

Perth Australia based Jenny Freedman is a former travel agent who created A Taste of Travel to showcase her journey of travel and food. She loves exploring the markets, trying new tastes and finding fabulous restaurants. Plus she was recommended by one of my favorite food travel bloggers!

Follow A Taste of Travel: (Instagram : Pinterest : Twitter : Facebook)

food travel bloggers to follow: A Taste of Travel, Jenny Freedman
A Taste of Travel, Jenny Freedman


In this quick tour of food travel bloggers to follow, my last entry simply has to be dessert related. Right? Manitoba Canada based Doreen Pendgracs is a freelance writer who wrote a book titled Chocolatour which evolved into a food travel blog. I mean really, her Chocolatour mission is to educate, entertain, and inspire chocolate lovers to gain greater knowledge of the world of chocolate through travel. Pretty sweet!

Follow Chocolatour: (web : Instagram : Pinterest : Twitter : Facebook)

food travel bloggers to follow: Chocolatour, Doreen Pendgracs
Chocolatour, Doreen Pendgracs

Do you have other suggestions for my food travel bloggers to follow list? How about some guys? Are there any male food travel bloggers to follow?

Here are great food travel bloggers to follow—because nothing goes together as perfectly as Travel & Food. Be inspired to try new food and drink next trip.

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30 thoughts on “8 Great Food Travel Bloggers to Follow”

  1. A great list of great foodie bloggers to follow! I feel privileged to call many of these wonderful people friends as well. Now you’ve made me really hungry…got to find a snack 😉

  2. Great list, some new ones for me, will have to check them out. We are definitely from the school of, what’s the point in travelling if you’re not going to try new foods?

  3. We’re not foodies either Charles, but I definitely agree with you that trying and discovering new foods to love is one of the many great perks of traveling. And it’s always fun to drool over pictures of food and descriptions, too! Anita

  4. What a terrific list of great travel food bloggers. I follow most of these bloggers too, but you showed me a couple of new ones to enjoy. Thanks!

  5. Wow, what a list! Thank you Charles for including me in such an illustrious group. I do love my food! I’m very lucky that it leads me on so many travel adventures.

  6. Thanks so much, Charles, for including me on this wonderful list. I seem to hover between the 2 worlds of travel bloggers and chocolate bloggers as my focus is pretty much exclusively on chocolate travel. And what a glorious journey is has become. I’m hoping it will never end as I know there are many more chocolate adventures to experience. Cheers and Season’s Greetings to all.

  7. I would put me in this list. Have you seen my carve a turkey via livestream yet? Yeah, you don’t know what you’re missing!

  8. Charles THANK YOU so much for including me in this list! What an honor to be amongst such awesome bloggers who love food as much as I do. My ‘someday’ wish list now includes going on a foodie tour with each of them and I’m on a mission to #MakeSomedayHappen.

  9. Based on Epicurista’s facebook posts, I second her addition to this awesome list. Can’t wait to check out the rest. Thanks for sharing:)

    • Thank you “Duke Stewart”! I look forward to sharing a tropical drink with you someday soon. Cheers!

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