Heat Relief: McCool’s Island Dream

I invented a drink!

My recipe was published in Caribbean Living magazine.

If you concocted your own cocktail, what would you name it?

I decided to call it McCool’s Island Dream but I also informally call it rumdiggity.

On this hottest of hot days at McCool Travel HQ, the staff will surely partake of rumdiggity libations.

August 16th is #NationalRumDay in the United States so if that is today, happiest of days to you. Let me know what rum drink is your favorite, especially if you have created your own. Me, I like my mojito, dark & stormy, and my good ole rumdiggity. And happy #NationalRumDay whatever day it is. Ha!

McCool island dream rumdiggity recipe
McCool island dream rumdiggity recipe


Do you have a favorite cocktail or beverage to help you cope with extreme heat? One trillion bonus points if it has rum in it.

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