6 Sensational Luxury Travel Bloggers to Follow

So many amazing luxury travel bloggers inspire me and here are a few. If you are interested in learning some tips, strategies, and even some secrets about luxury travel, these six luxury travel bloggers will inspire you.

Links to their websites and social media channels are included so that you can follow their luxurious exploits around the world.

Luxury Travel Bloggers to Follow

1. Luxe Tiffany

Boston based Tiffany Dowd (Luxe Tiffany) advises luxury travel and luxury brands on social media marketing and online strategy through Luxe Social Media.

Tiffany regularly appear on top Luxury Travel lists, including, now, mine—perhaps her biggest honor.

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luxury travel bloggers to follow: Tiffany Dowd of Luxe Tiffany

2. A Luxury Travel Blog

UK based Paul Johnson was one of the first travel interview guest. His website, A Luxury Travel Blog, focuses on the finer aspects of travel and serves as a gateway for the discerning traveller, providing information on the most luxurious hotels and resorts, the finest restaurants and news from within the luxury travel industry.

>>> Please also read our interview with Paul Johnson.

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great luxury travel bloggers to follow: A Luxury Travel Blog, Paul Johnson

3. We Blog the World

California based Renee Blodgett is the only person on this list I have actually met (so, Hello, Renee!).

Renee’s website, We Blog the World, focuses on Transformative Travel—at the juncture of where luxury travel, adventure, and wellness meet—and covers unique experiences, events, food/wine, and transformative experiences across luxury, family, romantic getaways, and other categories.

Renee is prolific on all social media platforms—her favorite being Instagram—and she has over a million Twitter followers (wow!).

>>> Please also read our interview with Renee Blodgett.

Follow We Blog the World: (web : Instagram : Pinterest : Twitter : Facebook)

luxury travel bloggers to follow: We Blog the World, Renee Blodgett

4. Spa Travel Gal

South Carolina based Ava Roxanne Stritt is the go-to source for anything related to spa travel. Spa treatments are an essential component of luxury travel, right?

However, on her website, Spa Travel Gal, Ava says Spa, Travel and Skincare Experiences are not a Luxury, but Essential to a Healthy Body and Mind!—but I will still include her on my list. 

Follow Spa Travel Gal: (web : Instagram : Pinterest : Twitter : Facebook)

luxury travel bloggers to follow: Ava Roxanne Stritt of Spa Travel Gal

5. Always 5 Star

California based Pam Rossi exploded onto the scene with her amazing Always 5 Star lifestyle photos and messages with a signature theme of champagne and world luxury resorts.

I love her focus of experiencing travel on a five star level without having to pay a five star price. Pam probably has the smallest network of any of the luxury travel bloggers on this list but has become one of my favorite online personalities.

>>> Please also read our interview with Pam Rossi.

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great luxury travel bloggers to follow: Always 5 Star, Pam Rossi

6. Luxury Travel Mom

NYC based Kim-Marie Evans founded Luxury Travel Mom when she realized moms really only trust other moms, whether it’s the best car to buy or hotel to visit. Only a mom traveling with children can really attest to a hotel’s child friendliness.

Along with Ana Silva O’Reilly (Mrs. O Around the World), she hosts the fun and informative #LuxTravelChat travel chat on Twitter. Kim-Marie is quirky and honest, as evidenced by her disclaimer: You can buy her champagne, but you can’t buy her opinion.

Follow Luxury Travel Mom: (web : Instagram : Pinterest : Twitter : Facebook)

great luxury travel bloggers to follow: Luxury Travel Mom, Kim-Marie Evans


Do you have other suggestions for my luxury travel bloggers list?

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  1. They really do have some great posts and trips! Thanks for giving my husband and I some great travel ideas for this summer 🙂

  2. Nice Article…Very interesting to read this article. I have learned some new information. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I’d love to try Spa Travel Gal, I’ve been trying home spa wellness products but I am so desperate to go on a wellness retreat! Covid has definitely impacted my wellbeing and I’m so glad that these experts can help plan a safe, luxury trip!

  4. Hi McCool! Love the list of luxury bloggers you have noted. I am a newbie to the travel writing and blogging world, focusing on luxury travel experiences, restaurants, and escapes. Would be thrilled if you could weigh in on my site. Thank you!

  5. Hi Charles

    Thanks to Spa Travel Gal I came across your list, which is great. I follow most of these luxury travel bloggers but not all, so thank you for the rest and yourself.

  6. Hi Charles,

    Great list!

    You might want to check out http://www.ultimateluxurytraveler.com. We focus on publishing detailed luxury destination guides to cities around the world. Some of our recent guides include Hong Kong, Miami, Tulum, Mendoza and, of course, London, Paris and New York.

    Hope you like it.

  7. Personally I always follow Cellophaneland – a nice varied selection of interesting travel and culture features.

  8. Fantastic lists here, really thanks for the list provided.
    And yeah belated happy birthday wishes to Luxe Tiffany 🙂

  9. Hi Charles,

    Way cool list.

    All are new to me save Paul. He is one of the icons in the luxe travel niche which his gazillion followers thru social media and his stable of inspired guest bloggers. First rate travel blogger all the way.

    Thanks for sharing.


  10. I love luxury too but far from an expert, I look forward to reading these bloggers tips on how to add more luxury to my trips!

    • These are some inspiring luxury experts. And not just pure reporting on luxury resorts. One is a spa expert. One is a Transformational Travel expert. And more!

      Travel Happy!

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