Northeast Alabama Road Trip Scenes

As with most of my road trips, I stumbled upon most of the places on this road trip. The only place I researched prior to my Northeast Alabama road trip was the Unclaimed Baggage Center in Scottsboro, Alabama.

After an overnight in Chattanooga, Tennessee, I planned on visiting UBC and exploring the backroads of Northeast Alabama before returning (via Northwest Georgia) to Asheville, North Carolina. I had a few days to do this. It is a easy one hour drive on highways but you know by now that I do a road trip the fun way, not the easy way.

I drove south from my East Ridge Chattanooga hotel on a surface street (Mack Smith Drive) and was quickly in Georgia. In fact, I crossed state lines several times on my multi-day road trip and never saw a “Welcome To” sign. That is one reason smaller roads are more fun than highways.

Northeast Alabama

Day One

I drove on various small roads (many unpaved) until I crossed into Northeast Alabama. After about 4 hours of fun, back road exploration, I ended up in Henagar, Alabama.

First, I found this cute drive-in.

NE AL DriveIn
Henagar Drive-In
Northeast Alabama Drive In
Henagar Drive-In

Next, I had a fantastic BBQ sandwich at this BBQ stand.

Northeast Alabama BBQ
Bama Boys BBQ, Henagar, Alabama

Continuing west on Alabama road 40, I visited UBC, and found a hotel in Scottsboro. After dinner, I did a short bike ride around a county park where I found the following.

Northeast Alabama AL sign
odd ONE WAY sign, Alabama
Northeast Alabama swing
Jackson County Park, Scottsboro, Alabama
Northeast Alabama sunset
Goose Pond, Scottsboro, Alabama

Day Two

The next day, I was surprised to find the following classic Southern foods in untraditional ways: instant grits at my hotel and boiled peanuts in cans at Piggly Wiggly.

Northeast Alabama grits
Instant grits? My Cousin Vinny fans understand
Northeast Alabama Piggly Wiggly
Southern USA grocery store

Later I drove through Northeast Alabama towns of Guntersville and Boaz, and on a series of small roads into Leesburg.

Northeast Alabama Guntersville Lake
Guntersville, Alabama
Northeast Alabama kiosk
24 hour info kiosk, Guntersville, Alabama
Northeast Alabama tornado shelter
tornado shelter, Guntersville, Alabama
Northeast Alabama Dales BBQ
Dales BBQ, Boaz, Alabama
Northeast Alabama wrestling
near Boaz, Alabama

Not using a map or GPS app, I was lucky to find the southern entrance to the Little River Canyon National Preserve.

Northeast Alabama Little River Canyon sign
YES, love these roads!

The marvelous road has several scenic overlooks.

Northeast Alabama Little River Canyon
Little River Canyon National Preserve, Alabama
Northeast Alabama Little River Canyon view
Little River Canyon National Preserve, Alabama

The northern end of Little River Canyon National Preserve has this gorgeous waterfall.

Northeast Alabama Little River Falls view
Little River Falls, Alabama
Northeast Alabama Little River Falls
Little River Falls, Alabama

After cooling my feet in the water of Little River Falls, I meandered east through northeast Alabama and northwest Georgia (no Welcome To signs!) until nightfall.

I was pleasantly surprised by the gorgeous nature and small town beauty of Northeast Alabama. A return visit is not planned but definitely on my mind.

Have you visited Northeast Alabama?

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