Road Trip Travel Tip: Drive a Little, Save a Lot (and Have More Fun)

Road Trip Travel Tip: Drive a Little, Save a Lot (and Have More Fun)

Perhaps you have also noticed this.

Gas stations closest to the interstate exit ramps have the most expensive gas.

Of course this is for our convenience. Easy on, easy off.

parking spot next to beach sand of Mississippi Gulf Coast
scenic drive along Coastal Mississippi #USGulfCoast

Sometimes there is only one gas station at an exit. Or it is not reasonable to drive another 7 miles to the next station.

Often, though, there will be one or a few gas stations very close to an interstate exit while a short distance away (less than 2 miles) there is a small town or suburbia.

On one road trip, gas prices were 40 cents higher close to the interstate. I drove half a mile to save 40 cents a gallon.

I am definitely not the type of person to drive around town looking to save 3 cents a gallon whenever I fill up. When my car needs gas, I combine a fill up trip with some other task.

Same with road trips.

I will drive an extra half mile to five miles (each way), however, for cheaper gas because I am also stocking up on groceries, eating at a fantastic diner I read about, or visiting a fascinating roadside attraction.

Of course I try to stay off the interstates as much as possible but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. But I do try to stick with smaller roads when I can.

To preplan the least costly fuel stops for a set itinerary, use Cost2Drive. Finding nearby fuel prices is made easier with mobile apps like Gas Buddy. McCool Travel tip: Costcos often have the lowest fuel prices.

How about you? Will you drive a little to save a lot of money? What other places have you noticed inflated prices?

Road Trip Travel Tip: Drive a Little Save a Lot (and Have More Fun) was first published on 20 March 2013 on McCool Travel.

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