Reynisfjara Beach from lighthouse Iceland

4 to 5 Day Southern Iceland Itinerary and Tips for Your Visit

This flexible Southern Iceland itinerary takes advantage of long summer days to pack a lot of beauty and fun into a 4 or 5 day visit to the land of fire and ice. We have included maps and stops, plus tips on how to adjust your itinerary if you have extra days to explore.   While guided tours are available, we […]

Relaxed Luxury Resorts in Florida: Boca Resort

Fabulous Relaxed Luxury Resorts in Florida

Fabulous Relaxed Luxury Resorts in Florida Perhaps it goes without saying but most luxury resorts in Florida have a sweet relaxed vibe to them. Many Florida resorts are located along the beach so you can almost roll out of bed and onto the sand. Florida is one of the few places where you can wear […]

McCool Travel interview with Tammilee Tillison of Tammilee Tips

5 Minutes With Tammilee Tillison

For McCool Travel’s 129th travel profile, I am happy to present Tammilee Tillison of Tammilee Tips. I briefly met Tammilee at a travel conference many months ago but recently spent time with her as part of a group of writers covering Mardi Gras in Lake Charles, Louisiana. As you will see from the below photos, we had a fun time. Tammilee Tillison’s bio: […]

positive vibe in St. Croix

8 Great Things To Do in St. Croix

Great things to do in St. Croix include nature, food, drink, history, and water activities. The variety and quality of cuisine on my two visits to St. John (still one of my favorite places in the world) really impressed me. So when I was invited to a culinary trip to its sister island of St. Croix, I could not say Yes […]

McCool Travel interview with HoneyTrek: Mike and Anne Howard. Article by Charles McCool for McCool Travel

5 Minutes With HoneyTrek

For McCool Travel’s 128th travel profile, I am happy to introduce you to Mike and Anne Howard of HoneyTrek. Two of the friendliest people I have met, the HoneyTrek couple also have major accomplishments in the travel world. I recently saw them at the New York Times Travel Show, just before they announced their book deal with National Geographic. Congratulations, HoneyTrek. […]

Travel interview with James Hills of ManTripping.

5 Minutes With James Hills of Mantripping

For McCool Travel’s 127th travel profile, I am happy to introduce you to James Hills. I am a man and a love to travel. So, I was thrilled to become acquainted online with James, who is the founder of the ManTripping brand. One of the below photos was taken in the past couple of days at New Orleans Mardi Gras. […]

Nicolette Orlemans camera

5 Minutes With Nicolette Orlemans

For McCool Travel’s 126th travel profile, I am happy to introduce you to Nicolette Orlemans. She is another travel influencer I have known online for years and was thrilled to meet her at a travel show last year. She co-hosts the fun and inspirational Twitter chat, #CultureTrav. Nicolette Orlemans‘s bio: Nicolette Orlemans Hometown … Oss, The Netherlands Always in my luggage … A book […]

Margaritaville Beach Resort: 5 O'Clock Somewhere

Relaxed Luxury at Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort

Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort: Relaxed Luxury in South Florida We recently stayed at Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort in Hollywood, Florida and loved the relaxed luxury vibe. The property is cool, fun, and still has a new resort feel (it only opened in November 2015). You will feel your troubles melt away as soon as you you enter the casual but functional lobby. […]

great travel couples

Great Travel Couples to Follow

Many great travel couples inspire, entertain, and educate me with their travel stories, photos, and adventures. Here are some great travel couples who should be on your radar and part of your travel network. Included are links to their websites, social media channels, and, for many, their interviews with McCool Travel. Great Travel Couples to Follow Bonvoyageurs […]

McCool Travel interview with Sarah Gallo, The Five Foot Traveler

5 Minutes With Sarah Gallo

For McCool Travel’s 125th travel profile, I am happy to introduce you to Sarah Gallo. Sure, Sarah Gallo has been to several dozen countries on all 7 continents. One of her quotes in her website bio struck me the most: “I want to leave my footprint on the world, all while smiling, laughing, and discovering our extraordinary planet.” Please read […]