travel tips for secret things to do on Viking ocean cruises by Charles McCool for McCool Travel

Secret Things to Do on Viking Ocean Cruises

Here are some travel tips for secret things to do on Viking ocean cruises I have learned from my two itineraries and from insiders. If you experience none of the following things to do on Viking ocean cruises, you will still have a great time. I just completed my second Viking ocean cruise, the Into […]

McCool Tavel interview with Jennifer Weatherhead Harrington from Travel and Style Magazine

5 Minutes With Jennifer Weatherhead Harrington

For McCool Travel’s 143rd travel interview, I am happy to introduce you to the lovely Jennifer Weatherhead Harrington. We met on my first Viking cruise, in Barcelona, and then a couple of other times (but definitely not enough). Jennifer has recently been appearing frequently on Canadian TV, providing travel inspiration and tips. Hey, I should do that! Jennifer Weatherhead […]

McCool Travel interview with Love and Road: Robson Cadore and Natalie Deduck

5 Minutes With Rob and Nat from Love and Road

For McCool Travel’s 142nd travel interview, I am pleased to introduce you to Robson Cadore and Natalie Deduck (Rob and Nat) from Love and Road. Nat once owned a beauty salon and is a worldwide party animal (hello, Pitbull!). Rob worked in the shipping industry and is an adventure sport junkie. Together they are a fun and fascinating nomad […]

Mazda CX-5

5 Fun Reasons to Drive the Mazda CX-5

I test drove a brand new, out of the box (is that how they arrive?) 2016 Soul Red Crystal Metallic Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring AWD crossover SUV a few months ago. No highways or fun unpaved roads this time, just driving the Mazda CX-5 around where I live. I focus on fun reasons to drive the Mazda CX-5 for […]

Silicon Valley Selfie Spots. Article and photo by Charles McCool for McCool Travel.

Sensational Silicon Valley Selfie Spots to See and Be Seen At

Whether you enjoy the hit HBO Silicon Valley show, will visit high tech Silicon Valley, or pass through the area, you will likely take some fun selfies. Here are 6 sensational Silicon Valley selfie spots, based on my explorations when I lived in the area and recommendations from some trusted sources. Sensational Silicon Valley Selfie Spots […]

Breckenridge Brewing Colorado

Great Craft Beer Places to Celebrate in USA

The craft beer scene in the United States continues to rapidly grow. NPR reports over 5,300 US breweries currently exist and over 5,200 of them are craft beer places (in 2012 there were only 2,000 breweries). This article lists some great craft beer places around the United States. I include only one per state and some […]

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Places to stay in Victoria.

Luxury Lodging: Victoria Canada Hotels

On our recent trip to British Columbia, we stayed at four different Victoria Canada hotels. Each property exhibits its own distinct luxury travel characteristics. While I really enjoyed exploring vibrant Victoria and a little bit of natural Vancouver Island, I was struck by the fun variety of luxury lodging options in this part of British […]

things to do in Richmond Virginia: street art murals

9 Divine Secret Places to Eat in Richmond Virginia

There are certainly a variety of places to eat in Richmond, Virginia. I covered a few in my article, 8 Great Things to Do in Richmond Virginia. I was really impressed by the culinary (and beverage) scene in Richmond and remain so. For this article, I wanted to dig deeper, to find places to eat […]

McCool Travel interview with Mike Shubic of Mike's Road Trip

5 Minutes With Mike Shubic of Mikes Road Trip

For McCool Travel’s 141st travel interview, I am pleased to introduce you to Mike Shubic of Mike’s Road Trip. I recently attended two conferences—in Alabama and in Nepal—and Mike spoke about video at both. In Nepal (I am still amazed to say that), Mike and I talked road trips, video, travel business, and more. Mike Shubic‘s bio: Mike Shubic […]

surprising things to see in Nepal. Article and photo by Charles McCool for McCool Travel

8 Great Surprising Things to See in Nepal

Traveling to Nepal last month was one of the coolest things I have done. I expected to see amazing mountains, trekking trails, and prayer flags but I did not really know what else to expect. Some surprising things to see in Nepal, I learned, included amazing sunsets, colorful vivid street art, and clever transportation and […]