8 Great Cool Luxury Hotel Free Amenities

Travel consumers can choose from a dizzying array of lodging options for upcoming trips. Even within the luxury lodging category, choices seem unlimited.

To distinguish themselves from competitors, luxury hotels tempt potential customers with free amenities. Wi-fi really should be free. Same with breakfast or at least tea and coffee. Am I right? Oh, and beach resorts providing beach chairs and umbrellas should also be standard. So, what luxury lodging brands go beyond the ordinary?

Luxury resorts tailor and customize experiences or offer unique amenities in order to attract discerning and affluent guests. Ultra luxury properties step up their game even more to provide really lavish amenities for their guests. Helicopter pick ups and Rolls Royce transfers might be a starting point to attract the most elite traveler.

With all that said, I compiled this list of fun, cool luxury hotel FREE amenities. Perhaps this will inspire you to consider researching more elegant properties for an upcoming trip. Please let me know of other Great Cool Luxury Hotel Free Amenities.

Cool Luxury Hotel Free Amenities

Inn on Fifth, Naples, Florida

In the heart of the action on Fifth Avenue in Naples, Florida, guests at Inn on Fifth receive complimentary shuttle service within 2 miles of the property. Not just plain old shuttle vans either. Ride in their super duper upscale golf cart (to circumvent traffic jams), or in the Expedition large SUV, or in the Tesla (for Club Level guests).

Tesla at Inn on 5th Naples Tesla shuttle
8 Great Cool Luxury Hotel Free Amenities: Inn on Fifth Tesla shuttle

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Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, Farmington, Pennsylvania

The slogan at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort is Expect the Unexpected and I sure did not expect to see dozens of exotic animals at a luxury resort. An optional paid experience permits you to feed lions, tigers (including a white Bengal), a mountain lion, and livestock (goats and longhorns) but anyone can walk around to see them.

My highlight was seeing the rare white American bison. She, named Lightning, is sacred to Native Americans, who make pilgrimages to merely witness her presence.

albino bison named Lightning at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort
Lightning, the sacred white bison, Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort

The Broadwalk (yes, Broadwalk, not Boardwalk) in Hollywood, Florida is ideal for lollygagging away a half hour or an entire day. Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort guests can (and should!) borrow a super fun beach cruiser (with epic parrot horn) and lollygag in style. The horn comes in handy when all of those tourists covered in oil dare stroll in your bike lane.

cool beach bicycle at Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort
Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort: cool beach bicycle

Epicurean, Tampa, Florida

Another luxury property with loaner bicycles is Epicurean Hotel in Tampa Florida. It is OK to get distracted by the chocolate shop and wine store in the lobby. In fact, with all of the amazing restaurants nearby (Bern Steakhouse, Haven, and more), a bike ride might be just the thing you need. Ride along nearby Bayshore Boulevard for fresh salt air and through adjacent Hyde Park neighborhood to check out the majestic houses.

line of bicycles free for guests at Epicurean Hotel in Tampa
Epicurean Hotel, Tampa, Florida. Sweet and fun bicycles

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The Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove, Florida

The pool at The Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove provides an oasis after your day of business meetings or power sightseeing. While packing for your trip to South Florida, though, save time, money, valuable packing space, and potential mess, by leaving the suntan lotion at home. Why? Because the property offers complimentary suntan lotion. Brilliant!

The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne, Florida

Attend a free tequila tasting at 6pm (every day) at The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne. Or if you have too much fun and sun and miss the tasting, during your Cantina Beach dinner, ask the only certified Tequilier in the United States to help choose from among 100 tequilas—including one specifically blended for him and Cantina Beach.

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Suggestions From Other Luxury Travel Experts

I asked some travel experts in the luxury travel area for suggestions of Cool Luxury Hotel Free Amenities. Here are their contributions.

The London, West Hollywood, California

Sarah Dandashy of Ask a Concierge is a concierge at this property and who better to know their luxury amenities?

The London West Hollywood offers:

– Complimentary Breakfast Table—not just a little breakfast, this is a whole buffet complete with fruit, pastries, granola, yogurts, and a touch of European flair with a full cheese and meat plate, and fresh squeezed juice.

– Complimentary Mercedes-Benz House car—drop off and pick-up service within a 2 mile radius. Perfect for nights when you want to enjoy a cocktail or two at dinner. [ed. ask Sarah for suggestions where to go!]

Hazel Brow, Low Row village, Swaledale, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Paul Johnson of A Luxury Travel Blog recommend this very cool luxury hotel free amenity.

Hazel Brow offers free alpaca treks in Yorkshire Dales. The property is a period (1860s) country manor in a picturesque hilly setting. It has been on the Tour de France route and is popular with cyclists. Cath Calvert, Hazel Brow owner, houses three alpacas so on your next stay ask if you can take a hike with one of the friendly animals. Too fun!

Hyatt Hotels

Pam Rossi of Always 5 Star appreciates that Hyatt Hotels offer:

“amenities such as high quality shampoo, conditioners, and the little extras that every one appreciates like razors, toothpaste, cotton balls, and q-tips. Offering guests these complimentary amenities allows everyone to save space when packing and have more room for travel necessities like champagne lol. The Hyatt “convenience collection” includes: Baby Shampoo, Deodorant, Hair Brush, Lint Mitt, Shoe Horn, Wine Opener, and much more. Just ask!”

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This is a tiny sampling of Cool Luxury Hotel Free Amenities. What amazing Luxury Hotel Free Amenities have you experienced?

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  1. These are some nice amenities you have uncovered. We found that one of our favorite boutique hotels in Omaha will shuttle guests around in an Escalade, which works well if you get tired of walking.

  2. I’ll take that cool bike with the parrot horn at Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort.

  3. Those are some great free amenities! I love the concept of the free tequila tasting you mention! At Hotel Escondido in Puerto Escondido, all guests get a welcome shot of mezcal at check-in – also a nice locally-inspired touch.

  4. Nice to be pampered – right down to the little details! Liked the golf cart option, to avoid traffic, and the pickup in London after a pint or three 😉

  5. I especially like The London’s free pick up if you’ve had a few drinks. I have never heard of a hotel offering that service.

  6. Great amenities!! I always read the fine print before checking in…it’s amazing what luxury hotels offer!!

  7. You array of free amenities makes me want to hit the road again! One of my favorite things at a new hotel is what items they have that are special or different and FREE! Love the chocolate chip cookies fresh from the warming bin at Doubletrees.

  8. You had me (well, my husband, Henk) at ‘Tesla’! I, on the other hand, might be more attracted by something as basic as the suntan lotion at the Ritz. I hate filling my luggage with that sh*t!

  9. I just came back from a trip to Dubai where I stayed in the Crowne Plaza. They included “aromatherapy” spray to scent the room before going to bed. And I loved having the choice between a rain shower and regular shower.

  10. Thanks for this cool list, Charles. I always enjoy finding a hotel that goes the extra mile to make my stay memorable with something fun but unexpected.

  11. Thanks for sharing about some fun facts and for me, I enjoy biking around different place and also it’s one of my favorite ways to get around the city – so if the hotel I am staying in has free bike rental it would be perfect 🙂 @ knycx.journeying

  12. There is one toiletry that lets me know I’m staying in a nice hotel- mouthwash. I don’t know why I get so excited when I see mouthwash in a hotel lol.

  13. Secret tip: a lot of hotels (especially those in sunny locations) have free sunscreen if you ask at the front desk. Obviously it’s better when places like the RC Coconut Grove offer it preemptively, but vacation won’t be ruined if you forget it.

    What I’d love is what I always forget…aloe vera :-/

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