5 Fun Things to Do in Grapevine Texas

Great things to do in Grapevine Texas include riding the Grapevine Vintage Railroad, visiting historic downtown Grapevine, going to Texas wineries, and much more. Grapevine Texas has small town charm—with an old western frontier vibe—combined with modern cosmopolitan amenities.

Plus healthy chocolate. Yes, healthy chocolate!

Where is Grapevine TX?

Located in North Texas between Dallas and Fort Worth, Grapevine TX is a favorite destination for conferences. In fact, a conference is how I discovered Grapevine—specifically the Travel Media Showcase conference—after I visited Amarillo and Lubbock.

Looking for things to do during a long DFW airport layover? Catch the Grapevine Shuttle between DFW airport and historic downtown Grapevine.

Whether you visit Grapevine for a conference, an airport layover, or intentionally plan a vacation there, here are some …

Fun Things to Do in Grapevine Texas

1. Historic Downtown Grapevine TX

Lovely Main Street in Grapevine is reminiscent of the wild, wild west, with a wide street and storefronts on both sides. At least one block is raised above street height, just like in old Western movies, and you can stand there and imagine when the road was dirt and horse-drawn stagecoaches were prevalent.

things to do in Grapevine Texas: Historic Grapevine downtown Main Street
Historic Grapevine downtown Main Street

The now modern downtown has an eclectic and varied collection of restaurants, wineries, shops, arts center, public art, and even a classic Glockenspiel Clock Tower.

things to do in Grapevine Texas: public art in Historic Grapevine downtown Main Street
public art in Grapevine Texas downtown Main Street

2. Grapevine Vintage Railroad

The Grapevine Vintage Railroad runs 1920s railroad cars between the historic downtown Grapevine rail station and Fort Worth. In August, I rode the Jazz Wine Train, complete with a jazz ensemble moving between cars playing period jazz music while 1920s attired wait staff poured wine from local Grapevine wineries.

The holiday North Pole Express is sure to delight kids and adults of all ages. But adults will also really enjoy the holiday Christmas Wine Train.

things to do in Grapevine Texas: Grapevine Vintage Railroad
things to do in Grapevine Texas: Grapevine Vintage Railroad

3. Grapevine TX Wineries

With the name of Grapevine, you know the town must have wineries.

visit the Homestead Winery Tasting Room in Grapevine TX
visit the Homestead Winery Tasting Room in Grapevine Texas

The Homestead Winery tasting room in Grapevine is located in a quaint 1890s Victorian house. I enjoyed their chocolate wine and Ivanhoe Knights made with green chiles.

things to do in Grapevine Texas: Messina Hof
Grapevine Texas wineries: Messina Hof Grapevine

Messina Hof is located in a 19th century hotel and offers 50 varieties of local wine.

things to do in Grapevine Texas: Bingham Family Vineyards
Grapevine Texas wineries: Bingham Family Vineyards

Here is a list of all Grapevine TX Wineries.

4. Dr. Sue’s Chocolate

Dr. Sue, a practicing physician, fights obesity-related disease with chocolate that tastes better and helps you live healthier. Dr. Sue’s all-natural dark chocolate is richly decadent yet more healthy.

things to do in Grapevine Texas: Dr. Sue's Chocolate
where to eat in Grapevine Texas: Dr. Sue’s Chocolate

C’mon, how can you not love chocolate that is good for you? Dr. Sue’s storefront is along the cool main street.

things to do in Grapevine Texas: Dr. Sue's Chocolate
Dr. Sue’s Chocolate in Grapevine Texas

5. Lake Grapevine

Plenty of boating, fishing, and water sports abound in Lake Grapevine. Around Lake Grapevine there are nine miles of hiking trails and several parks.

things to do in Grapevine Texas: Spicy Margarita at Gaylord Texan
Spicy Margarita at Gaylord Texan

McCool Travel tip: catch a great sunset photo opportunity from the Glass Cactus Nightclub at Gaylord Texan resort. While there have a delicious spicy margarita.

things to do in Grapevine Texas: Lake Grapevine sunset from at Gaylord Texan
Lake Grapevine sunset from Gaylord Texan

McCool Travel Tip: Christmas time is special in Grapevine. Over 1 million visitors attend more than 1,400 Grapevine Christmas events over 40 days. For more information visit Christmas Capital of Texas.

Where to Stay in Grapevine TX

The Gaylord Texas Resort and Convention Center is a convenient place to stay when visiting the Dallas / Ft. Worth area. I loved the Glass Cactus Nightclub on Lake Grapevine (see above) and the large property amenities.

Other recommended Grapevine TX hotels include Hyatt Place Grapevine and Residence Inn DFW Airport North/Grapevine.

Have you been to Grapevine Texas? What fun things did you do?

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  1. I am surprised I hadn’t heard of Grapevine before. Especially since they have Chocolate that is actually good for you. I would definitely love to visit during Christmas time.

  2. How cool! It looks like there is a little something to interest everyone here. My boyfriend would love the Wild West vibes, while I would love to hop on that Jazz Wine train! I’ve always wanted to ride an old-fashioned train and dress up for dinner, and this seems close enough!

  3. Healthy chocolate and Bingham wine sounds good to me. I had no idea Grapevine Texa has so much to do.

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