8 Great Ways to Pick a Road Trip Destination

Following up on last week’s post about adventure, I have a few free days available and will take a road trip. I have not yet decided where to go but here are some tactics I use to figure out where to go on road trips:

  1. Scenic Drive. I often prioritize a road trip around a specific scenic drive, such as Big Sur, Florida Keys Highway, or anything from Byways.org.
  2. Specific Event. Sometimes I create a road trip around a conference, a visit to family/friends, or a sporting event or concert.
  3. Random. Spin the globe or look at a map. Pick a place and go!
  4. Pick a Direction. North, south, east, or west. See where the road takes you.
  5. Suggestion. Someone recommends a great drive or you read about one. Maybe there is a restaurant you want to try or a hotel where you want to stay.
  6. Weather. Escape the rain and go somewhere with sun. Escape the cold and go somewhere warm. Or vice versa. Take a road trip to where the current climate is desirable.
  7. Deal. Combine a road trip with a fantastic lodging deal. I like taking advantage of one way rental car deals (from Florida in the spring).
  8. Funness. My basic rules for every road trip include staying off highways and skipping chains (lodging and eating). I like spending an hour or two each day hiking or biking. I leave my itineraries flexible in order to explore unmarked roads and other whims. Perhaps you want to do a road trip with a theme like Route 66 or Lincoln Highway. Or outside the United States, consider  Amalfi coast, Great Ocean Road, Loire Valley, or Icefields Parkway.

Which technique do you think I will employ on my current adventure? Or do you have a favorite road trip (whether mentioned or not)? Leave a comment. One random entry will receive a prize.

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6 Responses to “8 Great Ways to Pick a Road Trip Destination”

  1. jmkovarik September 19, 2011 at 12:35 pm #

    I’m a scenic drive kinda guy – so that’s how I would decide.


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