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Viking Freya in Burdapest

Viking River or Viking Ocean Cruises: Which is Right for You?

Our comparisons and tips will help you decide whether Viking River or Viking Ocean Cruises will offer the better vacation for your travel preferences. Whichever brand and voyage you choose, you will enjoy the same great Viking Cruises quality and value.   Viking River or Viking Ocean Cruises: Which is Right for You? We were fortunate to enjoy a Romantic Mediterranean ocean cruise on […]

6 Sensational Ways to See the World for Free

How to Flip Your Trip to Save Big Money

Many trips I research do not have traditional round trip flights. Instead of flying into and back from the same airport, I set up flights from different airports. By using different airports, though, I must find reasonable one-way rental car rates. One recent itinerary was really interesting. Round trip open jaw flights between DC and Jacksonville/Pensacola airports cost about $220 each. There […]

Best Places: Canada

Quantity Travel Discounts – NOT

This article was originally published 24 July 2009 on Quantity Travel Discounts Buying more of a product entitles you to a price break. Sure, that works in every industry, except travel. What can you do about it? First, let me explain a bit. You should already know—if you are a loyal reader or just a common […]

Save on Airfares by Charles McCool in USA Today

How to Save on Airfares the Easy Way

For a few weeks in 2003, USA Today asked some travel writers contribute to their Business Travel Tip feature. Rather than a single travel tip, my submission had a theme (save on airfares) with many airfare tips. Here is the text from the published article followed by a screen shot of the article heading. How to Save on Airfares the Easy Way Check […]